Let the games begin — Labneh vs Greek Yogurt. I'm sure you have been dying to know what the difference is between Labneh and Greek yogurt, right? You may have recently noticed the various yogurt options lining the shelves at the grocery store and thought, "What even are these types of yogurts?" After reading this, you'll not only understand the differences between Labneh and Greek Yogurt, but you will be able to decide which one is right for you. 

What is Greek Yogurt?

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Kathleen Lee

This dairy product is made by straining out the whey from regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is thick, tangy, and has a higher protein content than regular yogurt. Greek yogurt provides you with probiotics which can help boost your immune system. Because of its many health benefits, this creamy goodness has become a breakfast staple. 

What is Labneh?

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Lauren Peller

Labneh (a.k.a. labaneh, labne, labni or lebnah) is considered the yogurt cheese. It is more commonly used in the Middle East as a yogurt spread and its thickness is similar to cream cheese. In America, Labneh is known as Kefir Cheese. Recently, I made Labneh myself. All I did was spoon Greek yogurt into a cheese cloth and let it drain over night. The next day, it was thick and creamy. Before eating, I drizzled some olive oil and spices over the Labneh. 

#SpoonTip: For traditional tasting labneh, add olive oil and za'atar.

Main Differences 

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Lauren Peller

The main difference between the two yogurts is... the texture. Greek yogurt is much lighter and silkier than Labneh. Labneh has a thicker texture because the excess whey of Greek Yogurt is strained out, leaving you with a highly concentrated yogurt product. Unlike Greek yogurt, Labneh is used as a yogurt spread and is commonly paired with pita bread, toast, and veggies.

Which Yogurt Won the Battle?

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Lauren Peller

Sorry, Labneh— Greek yogurt has won me over. The consistency of Labneh is not satisfying in my opinion; it is too thick. Labneh tasted like a sour form of cream cheese. However, I am sure with the right flavoring, I would enjoy Labneh with warm pita bread. I still stand by Greek yogurt due to its smooth texture and refreshing taste. Greek yogurt will always be my number one.