If you love pasta but hate feeling sluggish after eating it, check out this new offering from Barilla. Barilla sells protein pasta that will keep you full and satisfied for hours.

Here is everything you need to know about the new pasta that you have to try.

What Exactly Is Protein Pasta? 

Allison Curley

Protein pasta ain't all that different flavor-wise than your average noodle. Even though it is a multigrain pasta, it is an unnoticeable difference in taste, even to a pasta lover like me.

The main difference is going to be seen in the nutrition. If you love pasta but are looking for something more nutrient rich, move on from Barilla's "classic blue box." You can enjoy pasta more often with this yellow box full of protein and health benefits. Some of these stem from the concept of a low carb and high protein diet, which is supposed to help take off pounds, give you more energy, and lower your risk of heart disease.

Barilla sells a protein plus version of all of it's pastas, so you do not have to buy farfalle like me. It has everything from rotini to angel hair, which makes it so easy to always use this pasta regardless of what you are making. 

What Makes It Protein Plus? 

Allison Curley

Barilla uses ingredients like egg whites, chickpeas, oats, and seeds to pack in some extra protein punch. Although the use of eggs eliminates its ability to be vegan, this pasta is still great for vegetarians because it is a meatless source of protein.

You can get 10g of protein per serving (2 oz, 1/4 cup) at 190 calories, which is 12% of the daily value. Since no one actually sticks to the 1/4 cup serving size, 3.5oz of this protein pasta will give you 17g of protein at 20% of your daily value (compared to Barilla's plain pasta with only 7g of protein or less). 

How to Eat It

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Allison Curley

This is the perfect pasta to use for your mac and cheese or spaghetti if you're tryna be ~healthy~ too. It's a great way to cut back on meat without missing out on the protein. 

It's amazing that Barilla sells protein pasta because it's easy to control your servings, and you will probably find yourself needing to eat less pasta and therefore, less carbs, because each bite fills you up more than normal pasta would. So switch to the yellow box, and get in those macros.