Apparently baking with chickpeas is a thing, and honestly this concerns me. Don’t get me wrong, I love chickpeas as much as the next gal, hummus is basically it’s own food group in my diet, but chickpea brownies just feels wrong. Yet, the internet makes it look so right.

Here’s where the internal conflict hits. As an impatient, brownie loving individual who’s baking skills are average at best, I decided to test the theory. I tried experimenting with 3 recipes to answer the question of if chickpeas are a healthy twist to the delicious baked goods you know and love, or if they should go back to hummus where they belong. 

1. Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies

First impressions, I was honestly impressed with these chickpea cookies. I went into this with very low expectations but the batter was tasty as hell, and the cookies did not disappoint.

There are only a handful of ingredients, so no preparatory grocery shop required. My biggest issue was that I tried to replace a food processor with a blender and it turns out they are not the same thing. News to me.

2. Chickpea Pancakes

syrup, maple syrup, french toast, blueberry, pancake
Natalie Pressman

I realize pancakes are technically not a baked good, but chickpeas still act as a flour substitute here so the experiment remains.

This chickpea pancake recipe was not as easy as the others. There were so many bowls involved. Multiple bowls for wet and dry ingredients, what's up with that? When all the ingredients finally came together in the batter I was sure I had done something wrong. It did not look like pancake batter should and was kind of chunky. Gross.

Somehow they came out looking like pancakes and I was very pleased with myself.

french toast, toast
Natalie Pressman

Still, despite their many pancake like qualities, these were not pancakes. The shape was right, the texture was right, but taste was way off.

I really tried to like them. I put berries and honey on them but still couldn't finish them, and for me that's saying something.  

3. Chickpea Blondies  

chocolate, cookie, bacon
Natalie Pressman

The chickpea blondies were my favourites. They are basically just peanut butter, chickpeas and honey and were super quick to make. I put them in the oven and by the time I was done cleaning up they were ready.

Crisp on the outside, gooey and chocolaty on the inside. Everything blondies should be. They did still taste like chickpeas, but in a good way. What a versatile legume. 

legume, vegetable, chickpeas, cereal, pea, garbanzo, meat
Natalie Pressman

The moral of the story is that baking with chickpeas is definitely worth trying if you're looking for a healthy alternative. It's cheap, easy and definitely healthier than the classic butter, cream, and sugar filled desserts.

With that being said, they're just not the same. Chickpea baked goods are exactly that, an alternative, but not a replacement. At the end of the day if you're looking for dessert, don't go the route of the chickpea.