Patti Paige, artist and baker, has taken cookie art to the next level with her business Baked Ideas. Aside from her published cookbooks, she posts all of her cookie designs on her personal website and on social media. Patti Paige should be considered the queen of edible art. Her whimsical, creative, and colorful designs are reason enough to call her a cookie whisperer.

Start to Finish: How Are The Cookies Made?

Paige's designs begin with the cookie cutters. She designs her own cookie cutters by trimming metal and shaping the metal with pliers. Then, she tapes up the metal to create a unique and custom cookie cutter. Once she creates the cutters, she makes cookies from scratch and bakes them. As soon as the cookies are cooled off, Paige gets to the fun part: decorating.

The cookie connoisseur tops her creations with royal icing. Her icing is made with food coloring, sifted confectioners' sugar, and egg whites. Right after the icing is made, a damp cloth is placed over it so it doesn't harden.

In order for Paige to execute her ideas, she utilizes paint brushes, pastry bags, pastry tips (size 1 and 1.5), and toothpicks. She designs her cookies through a technique called flooding, which is a technique in which the side of a paint brush pushes the icing around on the cookie. 

Diversity of Designs 

Baked Ideas offers cookies featuring people, food, clothes, figures, emojis, animals, flowers, symbols and more. Paige has teamed up with many companies to collaborate. She worked with InStyle to create designs to reflect three dresses from the 2016 Oscars. She also worked with MTV and Refinery29 to create cookies of Chance the Rapper and Obama. For more cookies and creative designs, visit Baked Ideas on their Instagram, Facebook, and blog.

Cookies That Reflect People 

Paige is so talented that she can even paint cookies that look like real people. She designed three cookies to celebrate Women's Day, with one being an intensely realistic portrait of Malala Yousafzai.

Cookies That Look Like Real Food 

I can honestly say that these toasts look real. It appears as if I could take one of the slices of cheese off the toast and eat it. Patti Paige creates and designs so many different cookies that resemble food. Food that accurately represents another food is impressive, inventive, and a bit inception-like.  

People Love The Emoji Cookies 

These cookies take the emojis off of your phone and bring them to real life. They're realistic, vibrant, and showcase Paige's artistic eye.

Expect New Cookies Every Friday 

Based off of Baked Ideas' Instagram, Patti Paige religiously posts a #TGIF photo to honor the excitement of the upcoming weekend. These designs are fun and colorful, bringing the positive spirit of the weekend to her followers. 

Published Book: You Can't Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter

In Patti Paige's first book, You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter, she provides tips to all the aspiring cookie decorators. According to her book trailer, Patti calls her cookie making process, "A game with no rules." In this book, Patti shows 100 unique cookie designs made from 25 different cookie cutters. She also includes several different doughs, instructions to make the perfect icing, and shows how to make your own cookie cutters from scratch. 

If this article hasn't made you hungry or crave cookies in any way, you might want to get that checked out. Patti Paige's creations are so unique and realistic, not to mention mouthwatering. For more pictures of incredible cookies, visit @bakedideas on Instagram.