There are few things I love more than finding really good food and learning about inspiring people. Food represents a platform upon which people of all different backgrounds can come together to learn and enjoy. In the same vein, many women spend their lives helping to unify people over common interests for exceptionally positive goals. So, I'd say the analogy is pretty decent.

You’ve heard of spirit animals, but I'll bet you haven’t heard of spirit foods. If you even slightly believe in the logic that foods could equal women and women could equal foods, then I encourage you to read on.

1. Beyoncé

hummus, bread
Paige Twombly

Beyoncé is the perfect balance of sassy and angelic. This femme fatale icon is easily known as the pinnacle of female achievement. In 2007, she became the first female artist to win the International Artist of Excellence lifetime achievement award.

It's no wonder at this point why basically everyone wants to be like her. Beyoncé's spirit food is a little spicy and a little sweet, a little hot and a little cool: red pepper hummus, baked pita chips, and maybe a glass of lemonade on the side (#flawless).

2. J.K. Rowling

chocolate, cake
Nina Friend

For a woman who singlehandedly revolutionized young adult fiction, a spirit food that's both trendy and timeless is a must. So, J.K. Rowling is the perfect piece of crispy, warm toast, with some avocado and a balsamic glaze drizzle. It's the piece of toast that's satisfying and beautiful, but may still leave you wanting just a bit more (like another series maybe? Or I guess a trip to the theme park will do).

3. Amy Poehler

cream, waffle
Danielle Cahoon

What would this listicle be without paying homage to a TV sweetheart: the iconic Leslie Knope. Since Amy Poehler did such an incredible job bringing this kind, nutty government official to life, she deserves a spirit food that matches her character: JJ’s waffles (only the best will do) with ripe strawberries, homemade whipped cream and a drizzle of fresh maple syrup.

4. Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a woman that has stood up to the oppression of the Taliban in the fight for educational freedom for women all over the world. Her incredibly influential and inspirational character makes it difficult to pick a food that encapsulates her sheer female power.

So, going straight to the source, Malala has noted that her favorite foods include Pakistani biryani and Indian curry. Considering these dishes are rooted in tradition, yet have also made their way around the world, they fit Malala perfectly. It makes sense that her spirit food is one that matches the popularity and importance of her message, while also reflecting her cultural heritage.

5. Emma Watson

This powerful actress-turned-activist deserves a spirit food that could make anyone buzz with excitement and energy. Women everywhere wake up and drink their morning coffee thinking of the day ahead, and Emma Watson is no different. For this reason, she is a very smooth, Venti dark roast with a splash of 2% milk.

6. Ellen Paige

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Ellen Paige has taken the world by storm with both her acting and inspiring honesty at the Human Rights Campaign "Time to Thrive" conference. For that, she is peppermint hot chocolate, the absolute queen of all the hot chocolate spinoffs. It's a glorious combo that gives a plain hot cocoa a nice kick, but will also leave you feeling warm and satisfied—probably the same way you felt after watching Paige star in the rom-com To Rome With Love.

7. Leslie Jones

popcorn, corn, milk, salt, sweet, kettle corn, butter
Kirby Barth

Leslie Jones, the always funny SNL personality, is that bucket of movie theater popcorn that you've been craving literally since the last time you got to go to the movies. This is the popcorn that reminds you of childhood wonder, both at the big screen and at home, where you watched in awe as it came to life in the microwave. A food like this always comes paired with a good mood, the same way Leslie Jones is always paired with laughter and a good time. 

8. Michelle Obama

herb, vegetable, kale, spinach, tea
Katherine Baker

Spearheading the effort towards ending childhood obesity, this revered First Lady needs to be matched with a food that parallels her desire to spread healthy habits across the country. Kale chips are the perfect complement to Michelle Obama's helpful and personable demeanor. Keep in mind, I'm talking about the really tasty, well seasoned kale chips (read: the kind that make you forget about the kale part in the first place).

9. Margaret Hamilton

sweet, cream, chocolate, cake, pastry, berry, strawberry
Audrey Mirabito

Writing code is no joke, and this woman powered through page after page of it to get people on the moon. Margaret Hamilton never shied away from her goals and always put her abilities to the test in order to achieve at the highest level. So, granola and yogurt, a powerhouse combo that has stood the test of time, is the kind of food that embodies Hamilton's strong work ethic and sharp mind. 

10. Maud Wagner

As the first documented female tattoo artist, Maud Wagner can only be defined by a food equally as mesmerizing and creative as she was. Even though she debuted in the early 1900s, her work calls to mind some very modern mirror icing cakes. These are the videos on Instagram that you physically cannot stop watching. With their pristine finish and professional artistry, these cakes perfectly match the innovative and unapologetic Wagner. 

11. Isabel Allende

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The only food that can measure up to a revolutionary author like Allende (who mixes the heat of power and the warmth of family like a pro) is Chuao Firecracker chocolate. This is the stuff of dreams, reminiscent of the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen or the spiciest food you've ever tasted. The spice melts into the chocolate and becomes a culinary experience you aren’t soon to forget, just like Allende's adept use of words. 

12. Ellen Degeneres

cheese, pie, chicken
Ava Gambero

Ellen Degeneres has been revolutionizing things since the beginning of time: society’s view of sexuality, women in television, cartoon fish, you name it. Because of this, she is the hearty and delicious lobster mac n' cheese, a fresh and interesting twist on a tried and true classic.

At the end of the day, linking these women to foods could never do either category complete justice. But it's safe to say that there is one thing that these women and the culinary delights they're paired with have in common: the world is a better place because of them.