Rachel Lindsey is the new The Bachelorette and you know what that means... watch parties! Watch parties always include endless food and I've got the best menu for you and your girlfriends to indulge in this Monday night. Get ready for lots of drama and the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette ever, according to Chris Harrison. However, we will be the judge of that.

Having Rachel as our newest Bachelorette is such a treat so make sure to eat! The guys this season are great and make Monday nights even more enjoyable. Pick up your remote, click on ABC and watch the best show on television. Here are five snacks you must have at your next watch party.

1. Cheese board

Cheese boards are perfect for parties with lots of girls because everyone has their "go to" cheese.  You're in luck because a cheese board allows you to have an abundance of different fancy cheeses. I love adding nuts, meats, and grapes onto my boards and I know my friends love it, too. Cheese boards are also perfect for a great Instagram so make sure to have your phone handy when watching the show and snacking with your best girlfriends.

2. Rose water cocktails  

Rose water cocktails are yummy and pretty. If you are over the age of 21, add vodka or gin but if you are not, follow these steps: lime juice, simple syrup, rose water and a rose petal for garnish. Drink up, like Corrine would say!

3. Champagne bar

Grab your bar cart and stock it with fine champagne and champagne toppers like raspberries and strawberries for your guests. Be sure to take cute boomerangs cheersing to the start of an episode and even add them to your Instagram story.

4. Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberry decorating is a great way to enjoy the commercials. During the break, make sure your girlfriends are layering on chocolate to their strawberries while talking about the crazy drama coming up. I mean, the producers of The Bachelorette do a great job with cliffhangers and leaving the viewer wanting more.

5. Finger sandwiches

Finger sandwiches should be made prior to your friends coming over. Make sure to create fancy sandwiches for this occasion like ham, brie, and apple or a salmon cucumber sandwich. Also, make sure to use a heart shaped cutter for the full Bachelorette experience. YUM!

With good food, great friends and a new season, Monday nights could not get any better! I am crossing my fingers Rachel finds love. So, who do you think Rachel is going to pick?