Okay, so all of you “Bachelor” fans know that the countdown to Rachel Lindsay’s season of “The Bachelorette” has begun. The premiere of this groundbreaking season is less than a week away (6 days!) aka time to bring back those "Wine, Bachelor & Yoga Pants" shirts.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, viewers fell in love with this Southern bell on Nick Viall's season of "The Bachelor." While Rachel didn't win Nick's heart, she captivated the audience's with her brain (yep, she's an attorney), beauty and Southern charm. But Rachel isn't perfect. Even though she seemed to be pretty adventurous and open to the experiences that the show brought on — competing in an obstacle course or cross-country skiing — one thing that she is extremely picky about is food.

During hometown dates, Rachel took Nick back to Texas to meet her family over dinner. Everyone seemed to be particularly impressed with Nick’s knowledge of southern foods, particularly his knowledge of the okra on the table. It's unconfirmed if Nick tried it, but we know for sure Rachel didn't because she admitted that she hates okra, even calling it "nasty."

So, What is This Food That Rachel Hates?

Despite calling myself a foodie, I actually had no idea what okra was when I first heard it mentioned on the show. So for those, like me, who are not versed in southern cuisine, okra is a low-calorie vegetable that is popular because of its high fiber content. Some might know it as “lady fingers” because of its shape. One reason why Rachel might not find this veggie so appealing is its slimy texture, which doesn’t sound too appealing to me either, tbh.

But despite this acquired slightly slimy taste, okra does have some serious health benefits. It is really helpful in digestion as well as lowering cholesterol and heart disease risk. So, it’s definitely worth it to give this southern delicacy a try.

How Do You Make It?

Okra isn't a veggie like carrots or celery that you can just pick up and munch on — you probably wouldn’t be able to chew or swallow it. In the South, it is often steamed, boiled, or fried to make it easier to eat. 

Everything tastes better fried, right? So maybe you can give it a try. Just because Rachel Lindsay isn't a fan doesn't mean can't be — maybe it can even accompany your typical "Bachelorette" viewing snacks next Monday night.