Prepare to be completely shook, because there's officially an avocado toast chocolate bar on the market. Trust me, you read that right. The wildly popular brunch item has been turned into a dessert, and it actually sounds kind of tasty.

Jonathan Grahm, a chocolatier at the Compartés Chocolatier headquarters in LA, is the mastermind behind the Avocado Chocolate Bar. According to the website, it was designed to play on the "most trendy food of 2018," aka avocado toast, and is said to be "an avocado enthusiast's dream."

Compartés Chocolatier is already well known for their one of a kind, handcrafted gourmet chocolate bars, and beautiful geometric-designed packaging. For their latest creation, they blended creamy white chocolate with real avocados and added bits of crunchy, caramelized toast into the mix. So, it quite literally has all the components of avocado toast.

To top it off, the bar itself is an adorable light green shade (like the inside of an avocado), wrapped inside luxurious packaging with hand-drawn avocado designs. 

Now, being the millennial that I am, I definitely plan to buy some. I mean, it's avocado-freaking-toast chocolate bars. It's not even that weird if you think about it; adding avocado to chocolate mousse, brownies, and truffles has already been proven to be delicious. But if you aren't into the whole avocado trend, it's 2018. Live a little and go try some. It's only around for a limited time, anyway.