When meeting someone for the first time, you definitely do not want to break the bank (especially if it doesn't work out). So here are some fun, super cheap dates that'll impress enough to guarantee a second date.

coffee, wine
Cheryl Ching

The Wickenden Street Date

1st Stop: Campus Fine Wines. Get a cheap $10 bottle of wine (Your dates choice of wine if you want to start date on good note)

2nd Stop: Sakura. This is a BYOB sushi place, hence the bottle of wine. Plus, you get to take your shoes off and sit on the floor! The basic rolls are $5 each!

3rd Stop: The Duck and Bunny. If you are still hungry or want a little dessert you can walk up the street a little and on your left will be this adorable yellow building. You can get delicious cupcakes for $2.50 each.

Total: $25

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Anna Arteaga

The Thayer Street Date

1st Stop: East Side Pockets. Not only is it freaking delicious, but its also a healthy Greek version of Chipotle. Not to mention you can get giant falafel pockets for $6.50 each!

2nd Stop: Brown University. A nice stroll through Brown U's beautiful campus is perfect for talking and working off that dinner. Oh, and the cost $0.

3rd Stop: Insomnia Cookies. New to Thayer Street, you can get warm, mouth-watering cookies for $1.35 each.

Total: $15.70

cider, juice, lager, wine, ice, liquor, alcohol, beer
Alex Frank

The Downtown Date

1st Stop: The Malted Barley. Beer and Pretzels. What more can I say? Get two $5 beers and split a $4 pretzel and just chat!

2nd Stop: Snookers. This is a billiards hall. Definitely getting to know your date and its $11/hour. One hour playfully enjoying a game of pool is a great way to get to know somebody. Maybe even wager a kiss for the winner?

Total: $25

cheese, pizza
Rebecca Buechler

The Federal Hill Date

1st Stop: Sicilia's Pizza. A small thin crust Sicilia's special pizza is $13.49 and perfect for two!

2nd Stop: Walk around the beautiful historic area, the beautiful courtyard and fountain. $0.

3rd Stop: Caffe Dolce Vita. For $3.95 "Make Your Own" imported gelato sundaes.

Total: $21.39