If you're a foodie like me, you probably use apps like Yelp to find good places to eat. From desserts to lunch specials, Yelp becomes your best friend when deciding where to eat. With gold star rankings and a network of people writing reviews, can someone really trust Yelp?  

Well, a new app has got the answer to making customers trust and write reviews–money. Atlis, a new food recommendation app, is asking real people to give real and authentic reviews and they'll reward you too.

So what is Atlis?

Atlis is an application that searches for people to give real, authentic, local recommendations about a business. They really look into the "word-of-mouth" community and have designed a platform where these local recommendations can be collected into one place

This is perfect for the foodie who is looking for that one hidden local gem in their area, like these hidden NYC gems

How is Atlis different from Yelp and other restaurant review applications?

There are so many food apps from a Tinder-like food app to an app that hunts down food trucks. By using #AskAtlis, you can get personalized searches to what you're looking for through real, local advice.

The app allows you to use "live" advice, where conversations are constantly updated and questions are answered quickly. Don't forget to say goodbye to ratings — Atlis gives you a list of the most talked about places, so you know what's currently in.

Did you say I can get rewarded for my recommendation?

Yes! You read this right: get cash rewards for writing reviews. As a typical broke college student, I love free money. So to get rewarded to write a review will be a no brainer. Rank up and get a cash reward, which is easily transferable to a PayPal account.

You can easily add this to the list of apps that'll help save you money, or in this case, get money.

When will it cover my area?

Atlis' main focus is on New York right now because it's the "city of adventure seekers." Using Atlis, you'll be able to find gems like seven of New York's classic foods. No wonder, the New York scene is busting with some cool recommendations. 

As a foodie from Southern California, this makes me a little sad but we should definitely keep an eye out. Hopefully, it will expand and become popular in your area very soon.