You heard that right, there is now an app created to help people connect over food – a “Tinder for foodies.” Because let’s be real, if you’re into food (which you probably are if you’re reading this), how many times have you felt guilty about using Tinder purely for the free food? You are not alone. Daita Goswamy, a junior in NYU’s Gallatin School, was inspired to launch Suppr after reading NYU Secrets and Yik Yak comments where she realized that people constantly complain about their loneliness in New York City. These people simply wanted to find people to befriend and get food with without having to deal with the expectations that go along with dating apps like Tinder. Genius, right?


Photo Courtesy of Suppr

And it’s suppr easy to use. Users download the app, log in through Facebook, edit their profile and select restaurants they want to eat at via a list or map view. The app then allows you to see the profiles of other users who are interested in eating at those same restaurants. If there is a mutual interest (an equivalent of “a match”), a chat conversation will open between the two users to talk and potentially follow through with plans to meet up. The app is made to be simple: user profiles are short with a single photo along with your name, occupation and networks.

The app launches globally on April 28th and we could not be more excited.