The Kardashian-Jenner clan have some of the most recognizable bodies in the world. But achieving such stunning physiques isn't easy, and requires some hard-core fitness regimens. But this isn’t a problem for the Kardashian women, because when it comes to having killer bodies, these women aren't playing around!

For years the famous family has utilized different diets to achieve their ideal bodies. For instance, Kourtney follows an intense gluten-and dairy-free diet, while Kim uses Hollywood’s popular Atkins diet which requires her to follow a low-carb, high-protein menu.

But food isn’t the only thing the Kardashian women use to whip their bodies into shape. They also adhere to strict workout plans. Khloé, in particular, is a fan of vigorous exercise, which helped her shed 40 pounds after her split from ex-husband Lamar Odom and obtain her “revenge body.” Similarly, little sister Kendall also follows an intense workout regimen. I mean, you don't walk down the Victoria's Secret runway without doing some serious crunches beforehand!

Another, less conventional method some of the sisters have admitted to using, is plastic surgery. One of the most talked about Kardashian modifications is Kim’s voluptuous bottom, which after years of speculation, the reality star has admitted to altering through butt injections. Kourtney has also admitted to going under the knife, confessing she got a boob job while she was in college. And more recently, younger sis Kylie fessed up to getting lip injections to plump up her famous lips and help her achieve her signature pout.

While Kim, Kourtney and Kylie have confessed to some of the plastic surgery rumors, they have denied other speculations about altering their faces and bodies. And they’re not alone. All of the sisters have, at one point or another, been accused of getting work done.

For instance, Kylie has denied rumors that she’s had her breasts augmented and gotten Botox, chalking these bodily changes up to natural weight gain and learning how to contour properly. Even fan-dubbed “natural sister” Kendall has fought off rumors about getting facial reconstruction surgery. At one point, younger sis Kylie took to Snapchat to defend her sister, after rumors started that Kendall had gotten lips injections, when in reality Kylie had just overdone her lip makeup.

And while the few sisters who have confessed to having work done are admirable, some of the sisters’ “no surgery” claims do seem a bit questionable, and can actually be quite problematic. Because if these women, whom others look up to for body inspiration, are lying about achieving their bodies naturally, when they’ve actually gotten some surgical assistance, they unintentionally raise natural beauty standards to potentially unattainable levels. This will leave women who don’t look like them feeling insecure about their own bodies because they physically can’t make their figures look like their idols’.

But while it is fair to say that passing plastic surgery bodies off as the result of hard exercise and a good diet can result in insecurity and self-consciousness in other women, it is also fair to say that the Kardashian women’s public display of intense, dedicated workouts and honesty in talking about the diets they follow, can inspire others to make their own lifestyle changes because they are promoting healthy habits. It is also important to note that there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery, if that is the path a woman chooses to go down. But it’s important that the Kardashian women, who are being looked up to as having the “ideal body”, are being honest with their fans when is comes to body modifications, so that people trying to attain similar physiques have the opportunity to factor those aspects into their assessment of these ladies’ gorgeous figures.

Of course, some of this responsibility lies in the men and women who watch the famous family shape their bodies into the amazing forms that they're in. Just as someone should look at anyone they admire, they should focus on how these women achieve their bodies and let that inspire them. The end products should not be what people focus on, and the Kardashian’s bodies shouldn't discourage others who are trying to get their own bodies into shape. Instead, the dedication that these women portray as they strive to achieve their personal body goals by eating right, exercising properly and even making the decision to get plastic surgery, should be reassuring and motivating to those who look up to them.

Watching these women achieve their amazing bodies should be inspiring. Their curvy end results, however, should not be something to envy or even copy. Because while the Kardashian-Jenner women's bodies are undoubtedly amazing, the fact that they have all utilized the same methods of dieting, exercising and even choosing to get plastic surgery, but have gotten different, yet equally stunning results, should let people know that whatever route they choose to follow to get their ideal body is okay, and that no matter what their “revenge body” looks like, they are perfect in their own right. 

All in all, when watching these women work for their incredible bodies, I find their commitment to their physical appearances admirable. Think about it, each day these women look themselves in the mirror and see a body that they are proud of. Through various methods, which are individualized to each woman, they dieted, exercised, and yes, even got plastic surgery, to feel confident, beautiful and proud of their bodies. And at the end of the day, isn't that what we're all after?