It seems like every fall apples are the most popular fruit (besides pumpkins). Not only are they everywhere, but they can also be used for anything — and I'm not just talking food. That's right, apples can improve your health, decorate your space, and spice up your life. Don't believe me? Allow me to convince you. 

Health Hacks

1. Clean Teeth

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Annie Slabotsky

Don't just keep the doctors away, but the dentists, too. The small amount of acid in apples works with the fruit's fibrous skin to protect and brighten your pearly whites.

2. Apple Face Mask

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Annie Slabotsky

Apples can reduce inflammation and wrinkles, invigorate the skin with vitamins, and even hydrate it. Give it a go here.

3. Exercise

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Good for exercising and for eating? It seems counterintuitive, but apples don't care. That's right. Take an apple, put it between your knees, squeeze the fruit, and start melting the fat off of those inner thighs. Incorporate a few reps of this into your daily work out for that sweet cider burn and even sweeter cider buns.

Craft Hacks

4. Bird Feeder

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Annie Slabotsky

Even birds love this perfect fruit. Cut a cored apple into slices, coat it in peanut butter, stick it back together, roll it in seeds, and hang it outside.

5. Apple Stamps

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Annie Slabotsky

Apples bring artistry to the next level when it comes to apple stamps. Simply cut an apple in half and carve out negative space, so your design is raised (like a stamp). Once you get the hang of it, you can try even more complex designs. 

6. Tealight Apple Candles

Apples make adorable candle holders and require the skill of a two-year-old to make. These candles are the perfect fall decor, adding a cozy feel to any room

7. Shrunken Apple Heads

Step aside, pumpkins. That's right — apples are the new scariest fruit in town. Honestly, these shrunken heads make jack o' lanterns look like sweet little pumpkin pies. Important note: It takes about one to two weeks for them to shrink, so if you start now, you can make them just in time for Halloween.

8. Fruit Carving

Okay, I know I said apple stamps were taking artistry to the next level, but apple carving is,like, the next, next level. If this seems intimidating, don't worry. You can start off with this easy, beautiful apple swan and work your way up.

Life Hacks

9. Keeps Bread Soft

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Jasmine Tang

The moisture in apples helps keep your baked goods soft, so just stick a slice in with the container you're storing that loaf in, and you'll be good. You can also use the moisture to loosen brown sugar.

10. Dried Apples

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Christine Pritula

So, technically, this is another way to eat apples, but dried apples are great for crafts, too. Since they're preserved, they last forever, making them a great snack, salad topping, or baking ingredient.

11. Ripen Other Fruit

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Annie Slabotsky

Anxious to eat other fruits besides apples? The ethylene gas emitted from apples speeds up the ripening process of nearby fruits. So, no more green bananas (only green apples).

12. Potpurri Air Freshener

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Shalayne Pulia

Annoyed with your current artificial apple air freshener? Keep that fall spirit fresh with this homemade air freshener. It's as simple as boiling a few ingredients in a pot.

So, the next time you pick too many apples at the orchard, don't stress. An apple can be used for almost everything. Whether it's your helping your health or nurturing your artistic spirit, apples have got you covered.