If you're already dying after your first couple weeks of classes (or maybe just making the trek there), there is hope. Ann Arbor Restaurant Week is just around the corner — thank god.

For those that are Ann Arbor newbies, Restaurant Week really is the most wonderful time of the year, and thankfully, we get to experience it twice (once in January and once in June for 2017). The first Restaurant Week of 2017 starts this Sunday, January 15th and ends on Friday, January 20th, so mark your calendars and make your reservations stat.

If you've never been to Restaurant Week, here are some things you definitely need to know and reasons your attendance is basically mandatory. 

1. You don't need tickets, but you prob need reservations

As a person who works in the restaurant industry, reservations are generally a good idea. It makes the host's job a lot easier if they know how many people are coming to the restaurant, and you have a better chance of getting a table. However, some restaurants won't take reservations during Restaurant Week, so make sure you check and see before you go.

Also, keep in mind that some restaurants only take reservations for larger parties, but you'll still be able to walk in and be seated with smaller groups (you might just have to wait).

2. Prices are cheaper — like waaaay cheaper

A lot of restaurants participating in Restaurant Week have two for one pricing during this week only, which is straight up unheard of. Basically, you get twice as much food for half the price. Two for one restaurants participating this year include: Afternoon Delight, Grizzly Peak Brewing Company, NeoPapalis, Jolly Pumpkin, Palio, Isalita, and 31 others. For this year's complete list click here

3. It doesn't last a full week (surprise)

You probably realized that January 15-20th does not amount to a full week. If you feel misled or cheated out of a full seven days of cheaper restaurant goodness, maybe consider contacting the Main Street Area Association of Ann Arbor.

However, despite my poor performance in Econ 101, I do know that holding Restaurant Week on a full weekend would be a poor decision. It wouldn't be great for both a business trying to make a profit and for customers trying to have a nice meal out without having to elbow their neighbors or needing to yell to converse.

4. It doesn't include everything on the restaurant's regular menu

Most Restaurant Week restaurants have a separate menu for the week (hence the reduced prices). So, make sure you ask for the restaurant week menu because the whole point of the week (at least for me) is that you get to eat some great food you normally wouldn't be able to afford. For example, last year I went to Mani Osteria and somehow had a four-course meal for $25. It was ridic. 

5. Restaurant Week is the best excuse to eat a delightful meal with friends

When I graduate from Michigan, I think my biggest regret will be that I didn't take advantage of all of the incredible restaurants that are literally in my backyard. Ann Arbor has been ranked as one of the best towns to eat in across the Midwest by Midwest Living Magazine

Hopefully you're feeling hungry and inspired to grab some friends and hit up the highlight of January in Ann Arbor. If you go out for Restaurant Week and tag @spoon_michigan, we might feature you on our Instagram, and you could basically become Instagram famous. Plus, we're dying to see where y'all will go. So, go, have a fantastic time, and check out Restaurant Week's official website here for a complete list of the participating restaurants and their menus.