Although Ann Arbor is filled with tons of restaurants that we all know and love, I can’t deny that I was excited to hear about three more spots opening up in the next few months. And we have a trifecta: noodles, sandwiches and burritos. I know what you’re thinking, we already have some seriously delicious establishments in AA that serve these types of cuisine!

But trust me, these new guys are worth checking out:

Slurping Turtle


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Where: 608 E. Liberty Street

What: Everything you could ever want from a Japanese restaurant: noodles, sashimi and maki rolls, cold and hot tapas, sake, cocktails and more. They plan to start offering a brunch menu soon as well.

When: It plans to open this spring, but you can stay updated on their website.

Why you should go: Slurping Turtle strives to recreate Chef Takashi’s childhood culinary experiences in Japan, which is the essence of “Japanese comfort food.” Even better, the turtle is a symbol of longevity in Japan, and how can you deny that cute animated face?

Menna’s Joint


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Where: 607 E. William Street

What: This spot specializes in grilled wrap sandwiches or “Dubs.” These are generally full of meat, vegetables, cheese, potatoes (sometimes) and sauce wrapped in thin, freshly grilled tortillas. Menna’s claims that you’ll find only fresh ingredients and fast grillin’ – not to mention the loaded fries and Mama Menna’s cookies (made fresh each day, of course).

When: No date has been released yet. Damn.

Why you should go: Even though the restaurant started at our little brother down the road in East Lansing, the infamous Dubs are a hit at each of its six other locations across Michigan. With each Dub costing around $6.50, there’s no reason not to try this Panini-wrap hybrid. And they also deliver… I’m sold.

Get Some Burritos


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

Where: 707 Packard Street

What: The ultimate fast, casual Mexican restaurant: steak and chicken burritos, shredded tacos, chicken or beef flautas (AKA a taquito-rolled taco), carne asada fries topped with marinated steak (OMG), nachos and quesadillas.

When: No date has been released yet. Damn again.

Why you should go: The Wisconsin-based joint was founded in 2012 and owner Nick Baertschy plans to bring the restaurant and its simple menu to all Big Ten college towns. It was founded on the principles of high-quality food with a distinct flavor unique to the San Diego region. So basically, Ann Arbor is the new California? Either way, I can’t resist a good burrito.