There is a myth out there that says that if you have a clean and organized pantry you will eat healthier. I started cooking for myself this summer, and I was so worried about falling into the trap of eating out and throwing away money.

I decided to make my fridge and pantry as organized as I could to try and stay on track. Though there is no scientific reason as to why an organized pantry helps, I have tried it out, and I can say that for me it definitely makes a difference.

The Organized Pantry Myth

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Hannah Skriloff

The core of this myth is that if you keep an organized pantry, a clutter free kitchen, and healthier options in an easy reach, you will be more inclined to make those healthier meals.

This TODAY Show article explained that a study performed by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab showed that women who had soda, cereal, and cookies out in the open of their kitchen tended to way more than their counterparts who did not.

The myth also goes for cooking appliances. If you keep your appliances and cooking utensils in easier reach, you will be more inclined to cook for yourself instead of eating out. This means that you are not only eating healthier meals, since you are in control of what goes in the food, you are now also saving money.

Why It Helped Me

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Karlie Kramer

When I started cooking for myself this summer, I was determined to not spend the money on eating out or fall into the trap of ordering and buying unhealthy foods that were cheaper. One of the ways I have achieved avoiding this is by keeping my fridge and pantry items organized.

I keep all my appliances in easy reach and keep the ones that I use often in an easier reach. This helps me stay motivated to cook after a day of work, because my go-to pan, rubber spatula, and chef's knife are all right there ready to go. Even if I am just making a simple chicken breast and broccoli, having the tools ready to go make it less tiring.

I also have started keeping a running list of what I need and what I still have in stock in my pantry. This has definitely been helpful. Keeping track of what I have helps me by avoiding spending more on unnecessary food.

You may wonder how this impacts healthier eating, but I am one that hates wasting food. If I have too much I will force myself to eat it thus I end up eating way past the point of full.

#SpoonTip: Try this mason jar hack to keep track of your dry goods to help yourself stay organized and healthy.

Organizing Tips to Try

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Karen Nolan

Some other great tricks that help that I have used is keeping healthier foods in sight. Having bananas and almonds in the open for snacks makes a huge difference. You will be more inclined to snag that banana for a snack instead of going to the vending machine in your office. Keeping healthy options at eye level in your pantry really helps too.

I still have some unhealthy snacks in my room. I mean, I love Little Debie's Cosmic Brownies as much as the next person. However, I keep these in a drawer that I hardly ever open. This helps me eat them only when I am seriously craving them, so I only eat them once in a while.

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Katherine Baker

Though all of this may seem more like dedication and will power, it really makes a difference. I have only ate out once every two or three weeks when I am meeting up with friends. It has helped me practice some amazing meal prepping and has helped me save a ton of money.

Just a few simple tips like planning your meals, keeping healthy options in front of you, and having your appliances in easy reach can help you in cooking wholesome and healthy meals. An organized pantry and kitchen may not be hard science, but it does make a difference.