A round-bottomed vessel used to cook food quickly over extremely high heat. Most commonly used for stir-fries, but also great for deep-frying. The tall, sloped walls keep splattering under control.

Dutch oven

A thick-walled, cast-iron or clay pot used for slow-cooking meals. Great for making roasts, stews and casseroles.


A tall, narrow pot that’s perfect for cooking stock. Can also be used for boiling, making porridge or steaming shellfish.

Sauté pan + Non-stick skillet

If a recipe calls for a pan, it’s usually referring to one of these. Can be non-stick or stainless steel.


An all-purpose pan that comes in a number of different sizes. Its depth allows for boiling pasta and making soups, stews or braises.

Cast-iron skillet

Durable, cast-iron cookware made from a single sheet of metal and able to withstand very high temperatures. Great for searing steak, toasting paninis or even baking cake or cornbread.