Good Eats was one of the first shows that I watched on the Food Network (and now I’m obsessed with cooking shows). I remember Alton Brown teaching me about bread making or how to cook the perfect steak.  

 So when I read that there he published a new cookbook, EveryDayCook, I knew that I needed to get it. Then he announced a book tour? I needed to go. 

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Before the actual signing there was a Q&A, when Alton took questions from eager fans about his time on the Food Network, on writing a cookbook and much more.

I live tweeted the event (#millennial) and here are some of my tweets. 

All the recipes are pretty easy to make, look delicious and are perfect for a roommate or girls night.

Pasta + coffee = heaven.

No excuse for bad food Instagrams since this entire book is basically one. 

Now you can eat like Alton Brown, which is basically the best thing anyone could do.

No more buying them from a supermarket, I will be making my own from now own.

My dream has come true.

I'll have to try this on Thanksgiving, sorry Dad.

After the Q&A came the moment we had been waiting for. We would get to actually meet Alton Brown. As we got closer to the front, I'll admit that I got pretty nervous. What would I say to him? What if I tripped?

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As he asked for my name and started to sign my book, I reverted to my nerd side and asked him which Doctor (from the British Sci-Fi show Doctor Who) is his favorite. He said that he loves Four, but has to say Ten because that's when the writing was the best (so true).

Meeting Alton Brown was a dream and I can't wait to cook all the recipes from Everyday Cook, especially the breakfast pasta.