UConn is home to many clubs, from career-driven clubs to the skydiving club. There was no doubt in my mind that in this mix (besides Spoon University), there must be a UConn food-related club, and I was not disappointed.

UConn has many clubs aimed for the student who wants to make a difference in the farming industry and for the student who just loves to eat.

Either way, each club has something unique and special to offer.

Conscious Eaters 

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Amy Wilichowski

This club is perfect for those who care about how the food we eat impacts the planet we live on.

It's a club dedicated to get the conversation going about how our diet impacts our day to day lives.

It focuses on food sustainability, how it impacts our health, how it impacts the health of the Earth, and how we can change our food choices for more sustainable foods.

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EcoGarden Club

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All food comes from the ground, so it's very important to support gardens and farms that bring you your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those interested in learning more about gardening in an eco-friendly way, this may be a great club to check out.

The EcoGarden Club works on creating a sustainable approach to gardening that helps both the community and the environment. 

They produce nutrient-rich crops through composts, reduced tillage and crop rotation. 

"Our aim is to create a self-sufficient entity that coexists with nature," according to this UConn food-related club's UConntact page.

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Cara Waterman

UConn Nutrition Club

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Nutritional Science majors, this one's for you. Give back to your community and learn all about what can be your career through the Nutrition Club.

This club is all about events. In the past, they've attended the national or local Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference and hosted a table at Cornucopia, Food Day, and the Health and Wellness Fair.

They've made healthy snacks with kids at an after-school program and informed people about eating disorders during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

They give back to us Huskies through on-campus events, like hosting a healthy breads sale and a power bowl plant-based diet dinner through a collaboration with North Dining Hall.

They've even promoted healthy snacking during National Nutrition Month by handing out free granola bars.

Club members get to know each other with bi-monthly meetings on nutrition, recipes and even apple picking.

Members only need to participate in at least two events and pay $10 dues each semester, but this is all for free opportunities to learn, get involved and a free club T-shirt.

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Photo courtesy of Beth Lamonte

Institute of Food Technologies Student Association

Students with a love for science and a love for food can find this club to be the best of both worlds.

IFTSA was founded in 1982 with the goal of its members to network  with professionals in the food science field and technology, nutrition and health.

IFTSA at UConn aims to look into problems in the manufacture and distribution of food, to spread the news of research in food technology and to work on projects for food science, nutrition and health.

Through competitions, scholarships and leadership opportunities, members of the club can expect to find a driven community working to find improvements for the way we deal with our food.

Real Slow Food at UConn

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Photo courtesy of Emily Taylor

College is an easy place to fall into the trenches of unhealthy eating with dining halls offering comfort foods 24/7, but Real Slow Food at UConn is here to change that.

Aimed to improve food culture on our campus, this club is a combination of the Slow Food Movement and the Real Food Challenge.

Slow Food Movement is an organization that aims to preserve traditional and regional cuisine.

The Real Food Challenge is a student food activist campaign for healthy eating.

UConn's Real Slow Food promotes healthy eating through many means.

They advocate dining services using local and organic food and that people come together to enjoy healthy, organic, local foods.

They promote learning about where food comes from and supporting local farmers through farm tours, documentary screenings and tastings.

They also hold workshops like how to use a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, how to make guacamole and how to make homemade yogurt.

Photo courtesy of Emily Taylor

SOS Food Recovery

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Cara Waterman

Food is delicious, we all know that, but food can taste even better if you share it with others.

For students interested in volunteer work, SOS Food Recovery is the place to go.

The organization collects surplus food from UConn Cafes and dining halls to be donated to Covenant Soup Kitchen in Willimantic.

Volunteers also have the opportunity on select Fridays and Saturdays to help at the soup kitchen.

"Our primary agenda is to reduce both food waste and food insecurity in our community!" according to their UConntact page.

Cara Waterman

Spring Valley Student Farm

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This extension of the EcoHouse Living and Learning Community is home to students interested in learning about environmental and sustainability issues such as organic farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture.

The organization gives students a chance to gain knowledge and skills through a closed loop food model in which organic produce is grown on campus for UConn Dining Services. 

Collaborate and engage in activities with other students interested in food culture through Spring Valley Farm in the Storrs-Mansfield community.

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Photo courtesy of Kelly Pfeiffer

UConn Cannoli Club

Audrey Aucoin

Spread love and happiness for cannolis with the UConn Cannoli Club. Join Huskies who share the same cannoli appreciation as you do.

New to UConn scene, the Cannoli Club offers a number of planned social events surrounding the Italian dessert for any students interested.

The club promotes Italian-related events and organizations. They even started things off with club t-shirts for those interested.

For all those who love this Italian pastry, don't miss out on what this UConn food-related club can offer you.

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Any information for these UConn food-related clubs can be found through UConntact if you are interested.