Earlier this summer, Starbucks offered BOGO iced espresso beverages, and I literally went every day at least twice. The deal is getting even better this week, however, because it's now involving the famous iced macchiato. Yes, the iced caramel macchiato is basic af, but it's also delicious. 

Here are all the details on the newest BOGO deal at Starbucks, and I expect to be invited as your plus one. 

The Next Level of Extra

Starbucks is honoring both International Friendship Day (yes, this is a real holiday apparently), and their brand new macchiato beverages with their Meet for Macchiatos BOGO deal. From August 3-7, head to Starbucks between 2-5 pm and get BOGO macchiatos for you and your bestie. 

Since this deal is to help formally introduce you to the macchiato, here are some deets on what a macchiato actually is. In the iced form, it's basically a flipped latte. The milk and ice are poured before the espresso in order to create that ombré effect that kills it with both your palate and your Insta feed. 

Ordering For Da Insta

With this killer deal, you'll be able to get beverages such as the iced coconut milk mocha macchiato, iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato, and the iconic iced caramel macchiato. It's really a dream come true, and you gotta go often to truly take advantage of this steal. 

This offering is even better than the BOGO iced espresso deal from last month because, one, there are no size restrictions and, two, this offer extends into the weekend. So yes, you can wake up at 2 pm after your Friday night out and still get this steal. 

In case you are too caffeine deprived to absorb all that Starbucks jargon, just head in this week between 2-5 pm and get a quality iced macchiato with a friend. You'll likely get a good Insta out of it, too.