There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and finding a zit in the middle of your face. It makes you wonder what you did to deserve this misfortune. A simple google search in how to get rid of a zit will suggest many home remedies and over the counter topical creams.

Some may suggest popping the pimple, but you know you're not a professional like Sandra Lee aka Dr. Pimple Popper so you resort to looking for other solutions.

Other sites may suggest using alcohol because it dries out the zits faster, but does alcohol really work?

First of all, what alcohol are these sites referring to? The alcohol we drink or the alcohol in the clear plastic containers our parents have under the bathroom sink?

The alcohol we drink is ethanol whereas rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol. The majority of websites suggesting to use alcohol are referring to rubbing alcohol, a common household item. However, ethanol, the alcohol that we drink, can be used to treat zits too. 

Zits are pores that are plugged with bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. It's best not to try to pop pimples before they are ready because it may lead to scarring and the spreading of bacteria. So another alternative to treating pimples is to dry out the pimple.

Here is where alcohol comes into play. Alcohol is able to dry out pimples because alcohol is a solvent that can remove oil and alcohol evaporates quickly. Not only can it dry the pimple, but alcohol can also kill the bacteria on your pimple. However, alcohol can also lead to more pimples.

Photo by Toronto Eaters | Unsplash

torontoeaters on unsplash

Alcohols to use to more likely get rid of the pimples are those like vodka and tequila. These are a good treatment for zits because they contain a fairly large amount of alcohol.

Unfortunately, in order for the vodka or tequila to dry your zits, you have to apply it on your blemish instead of drinking it, but do what you want with the leftovers. However, when it comes to drinking alcohol, you might want to be cautious because it doesn't exactly do wonders for your skin.