Wine and cheese nights are great and all, but why go through the agonizing struggle of drinking one thing while eating another when you could just do both at once? I mean, most of us love to eat and love to drink, so combining them has to be some sort of sorcery. Here's 11 tasty alcohol-infused treats that will satisfy both your hunger and your alcoholic needs in just a few bites.

1. Absinthe Cones

Alex Frank

Take an absinthe shot and you will probably feel as though there are holes being burned in your throat. Take a few too many and you will literally burn to the ground. This is where absinthe cones come to save the day. By combining your absinthe with some ice cream, you can avoid this hellish sensation and leave the absintherie unscathed.

2. Drunken Donuts

Alex Frank

They say "American Runs On Dunkin'" but I personally believe that America would run a little faster on Drunken'. Hence, drunken donuts aka your new favorite breakfast food.

3. Vodka Pizza

pizza, crust, chicken, pie, cheese, dough
karina rao

Say goodbye to the days of ordering pizza after a long night out while sobering up and hello to pizza at the pregame. With vodka-infused pizza you get the best of both worlds all in one slice- heavenly. 

4. Fireball Cupcakes

cream cheese, butter, pumpkin, cream, peanut, cinnamon, peanut butter
Caroline Ingalls

That's right—now you can have your cake and drink it too. With the perfect amount of cinnamony booze and fluffy cake, you can now tastefully relive your high school glory days (aka chugging fireball in your friend's basement—don't lie, we all know you did).

5. Boozy Milkshakes

chocolate, cream, ice, coffee, milk, ice cream
Teodora Maftei

Whether you're a bourbon fan, a whiskey fanatic, a vodka fiend, or a rum aficionado, alcohol-infused milkshakes are right for you. Unless of course you hate ice cream, in which case you probably would have stopped reading after #1 and not have even gotten this far.

6. Tequila-Spiked Salsa

mango, salsa, cilantro, pineapple, parsley
Caroline Grew

When chips and salsa are set out at a Mexican restaurant, there's nothing stopping you from eating ten times as much as you should. Which is fine, but why not get buzzed while doing so? Maybe you'll be lucky enough to blackout before someone at the table next to you has a sombrero shoved on their head while all employees SCREAM happy birthday (happens every time).

7. Piña Colada Popsicles

Andrea Lim

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (bet you've never seen that as an Instagram caption before...) or if you just like piña coladas but NOT getting caught in the rain, you will LOVE piña colada popsicles. Just try to eat it before it melts (alcohol isn't the easiest substance to freeze so this is likely to happen quickly).

8. Adult Caramel Apples

cake, chocolate, birthday cake
Alex Frank

How much more enjoyable would the classic family fall festivity of apple picking be if you were blackout? Probably a lot more. How do you accomplish this, you ask? Grab the nearest caramel flavored liquor, whip up some boozy caramel sauce, and go for a dip (with your apple, that is... but I guess you could swim in it too if you wanted).

9. Beer Cheese Dip

sweet, jam, bread
Cassandra Bauer

They say that one can of beer is equivalent to eating seven slices of bread... talk about healthy. Honestly though, if you're already in that deep, you might as well ball out and make it into a beer-infused cheese. This taste of heaven will be enough for you to forget the fact that you will have likely consumed an entire bread factory in one night.

10. Liquor-Filled Chocolates

chocolate, truffle
David Leggit

You've most likely heard the saying "All you need is love — but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" from the wise Charles M. Schulz. Well, ya know, Charles? A little (or better yet, a lot) of liquor doesn't hurt either. With these liquor-infused chocolates, you might not even need the love component.

11. Hungover Gummy Bears

candy, sweet, gelatin, jelly, sweetmeat
Jaryl Cabuco

These bad boys are simply a cuter and easier-to-make version of Jell-O shots. Just fill up a bowl of vodka, pour in the gummy bears, and watch them drown.

#SpoonTip: Use the leftover vodka for SHOTS to achieve an even more obnoxious level of drunk.

So there you have it, 11 ways to drink your alcohol and eat your food at the same time. I mean, what's better than killing two birds with two stones AND enjoying each bite along the way? Next fancy house party you throw (since I know, as a college student, you do that often), I expect boozy apps and intoxicating desserts. Truly the best of both worlds, and it will surely impress (and buzz) all of your guests.