If you haven’t heard of Alani Nu yet, let me put you on to some of the best-tasting energy drinks and protein bars out there. Alani Nu’s hottest product just got hotter with the announcement of their new Cherry Slush Energy Drink. Crack open a can and instantly feel a rush of juicy red cherry flavor with the added sweetness of a slushie just like when you were a kid.

These bad boys are perfect for your next pool day, BBQ, or really whatever you might do this summer. The best part about this new release is that Alani Nu is making a ~special~ Sweet Splash Variety Pack which includes 18 cans of their hottest summer flavors, including Cherry Slush, Breezeberry, and Cosmic Stardust. The Sweet Splash Variety Pack will be available at Sam’s Club starting next week. You can also find Alani Nu energy drinks online at AlaniNu.com, and from retailers like The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and even Target! Enjpy