This article will contain no spoilers! 

Since the release of the new Marvel film, Black Panther, many people have noticeably taken pride in their heritage, cultures, and religions. From every day people to famous athletes, Black Panther has had a tremendous impact on today's society.

Black Panther was located in the fictional African nation of Wakanda. Because Black Panther has become a universal film that everyone has grown to love, why not share a taste of Africa?

1. FuFu

A very popular food in West Africa (Togo, Liberia, Ghana,etc.). It is created with starch like crops and pounded into a dough-like consistency. It is usually placed in soups. 

2. Injera

A very popular dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Northeast Africa). This meal can be eaten with multiple people  or by yourself while using your (right) hands.  It has a sourdough-like texture and is very flat with the main ingredient being teff or corn flour.

3. Mandazi

Also known as the Swahili Doughnut, this sweet (or savory) treat originates from East Africa. The main ingredients are coconut milk, yeast, sugar, water, and flour and is quite the rave in most East African countries. 


A savory stew of beans, pork, and beef. Originated from Portugal, but extremely popular in South African countries like Cape Verde or Mozambique. 

5. Fried Plantain

A personal favorite of mine, because who doesn't love a good, fried plantain? A very popular dish across the continent of Africa and the Caribbean. It can be served as a snack, side, or entree. Fried Plantains are "sweet bananas" from Central America and the Caribbean that are fried in hot oil. 

Food is apart of what makes Africa so amazing. Each culture has something that sets it apart from one another, food being one. It's up to you to learn the culture and history of it all! Stay Informed. Stay Cultured. Wakanda Forever!