The most dreaded day of all celibates worldwide is upon us. Decorative hearts appear in store fronts, cheesy romance cards scorn at us in checkout lines of grocery stores, and everyone around us seems to have a romantic partner in crime in tow— all serving as a constant reminder of singlehood. But not anymore. All of us single ladies and gents must channel our inner elementary school selves, the selves who used to cherish this love-based holiday by crafting our own Valentine's Day boxes and munching greedily on the chocolate and sugary treats we gleaned from our primary school classroom parties.

As a reprieve from media messages advising us all to snatch up a significant other in time for February 14th, I propose (perhaps selfishly) a romantic dinner for uno to celebrate the holiday instead. Three courses, one person, and countless episodes of Friends to pass the evening. Who's with me?! Now let's dive in!

Course 1: Avocado Caprese Salad

First things first: a salad to cleanse the palate, because we are taking no shortcuts tonight. Tart grapefruit, licorice-y fennel, and buttery avocado....have you jumped on board yet? This wintery salad will serve as the perfect start to your three course feast for one. Fennel and grapefruit are two rare gems of winter produce and it would be a shame not to relish in their ephemeral presence. And may I also recommend the leftovers for lunch the following days? Score 👊.

Course 2: Chicken Piccata

The main course is obviously pasta, and I'm now thinking that "Eat Pray Love" should be the required movie to accompany this portion of the meal. While Elizabeth Gilbert wanders the streets of Italy eating pasta and basking in the golden rays of sunshine, you should be snuggled up in a cozy blanket with your laptop and eating pasta, too!  It doesn't get any more romantic than that. And even though this recipe is allegedly crafted for two, I wholeheartedly encourage the chowing down of both portions. This is your special day. 

Course 3: Extra Large Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

And the grand finale you've all been waiting for: a GIANT chocolate chip cookie!!! There shall be no messing around when it comes to dessert and this holiday of love is no exception. Show yourself some true self-care and delve into this ooey-gooey chocolatey masterpiece. Sharing is not required or encouraged. This one's for you, and only you.  

So if your calendar is void of restaurant reservations for two on the 14th and you find yourself wishing you had some excuse to dine excessively and extravagantly on this special holiday, remember that your kitchen is always there for you with open arms, with Netflix standing close by to keep you company. Happy V-day and remember that being single has its perks!