If you're like me, you take advantage of every opportunity to dump some tasty Sriracha on anything and everything. From mac n' cheese to stir-fry, there's not much that doesn't go well with the tangy kick of this life-changing condiment. 

Whether you're looking to fill your Sriracha-loving friend's stockings, or your own—no shame—we have your perfect holiday guide. 

1. Sriracha USB Drive 

I don't know about you, but I am practically famous for losing my USB drive. However, I'm more than confident that if I had this Sriracha-themed drive in my life, it would never leave my side; so, it must be a necessity 

2. Sriracha Coffee Mug

Ah, nothing like a nice Sriracha-inspired cup of Joe to start your morning, am I right? I think the only thing missing from this one is a nice side of scrambled eggs—smothered in Sriracha. 

3. Sriracha Keychain

This one is a classic. Whatever genius came up with this portable awesomeness, deserves a raise. It's kind of a double whammy—you get the convenience of your favorite condiment, all while probably never losing your keys again (b/c theres no way I'm letting go of that Sriracha).

4. Sriracha Socks

This one is for your #sporty friends. While the kick of Sriracha warms your soul and your tastebuds, these socks will kick those Nike elites to the curb, all while keeping those piggies nice n' warm.

5. Sriracha Beef Jerky 

Although I am not one to mess with a good steak, I do have to say, throwing some Sriracha on a perfectly cooked filet is like icing on the cake. Likewise, this beef jerky has the same effect. Pair it with your favorite brew, and I think you've found heaven. 

6. Sriracha Lip Balm 

Want the taste of Sriracha on your lips at all times? BINGO, this gift is for you. This SPF and ultra-moisturizing lip balm will hydrate those chapped lips all while giving you the taste you long for all day. 

7. Sriracha Inflatables  

Do you ever wish you could just hug a bottle of Sriracha? Well, thanks to the internet, that's been made possible. Now you can have a nice, cozy, inflatable Sriracha to cuddle up to at night, because Sriracha is #bae. 

8. Sriracha Wallet 

What better way to express your passion than by promoting it on your wallet? Again, I am almost certain that by making necessary and important things in your life Sriracha-themed, you're less likely to misplace it—count me in.

9. Sriracha Beer 

Holy s***! Sriracha. Beer. This has to be some type of sign that Heaven is for real. Combining two amazing things HAS to make it incredible, right? This one is definitely top on my gift list. 

10. Sriracha Hat

What better way to promote your favorite condiment than by wearing it high and bright on the top of your noggin. Have a brother, or Sriracha passionate Dad? This will for sure appeal to their Sriracha-lovin' dreams. 

There you go folks, all of your Sriracha dreams have suddenly come true. I mean, I don't know about you, but smack a label of my favorite chili sauce on anything and it will fulfill my stocking stuffer fantasies. And always remember, if none of these gift ideas meet your Holiday needs, a good ol' classic bottle of Sriracha, will definitely do the trick.