Most of us are aware of veganism- a practice of abstaining from animal products and by-products like eggs, dairy products, honey, etc. Vegans or the people who practice Veganism try to eat foods rich in proteins, Vitamin D, fat and calcium by including fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grain products in their diet.

Well, veganism has reached another level, as people have switched to a raw food diet which combines meal made only of fruits. Yes, you heard it right, "only fruits". And trust me, the results are quiet amazing! 

1. How Did It Start?

In India, fruit veganism or Fruitarianism is being promoted a lot, especially by a Delhi-based vegan Rupinder Kaur. Rupinder's story is an inspiring one- how she fought innumerable diseases with just fruits as her savior. In 2013, she was diagnosed with Jaundice, although, the disease was cured but, recovery post jaundice was very slow. When the doctors and medicines failed to help her, she decided to turn into a raw-vegan. In a short span of time, she got rid of her childhood asthma, blood pressure problem, anemia and digestion problem.

After her magical conversion into a raw vegan, she decided to bring a change in other people's life. So, she started her own website Raw Rasoi, where she shares her experience, "That summer vacation, I went to my father’s home in Punjab, and kept hogging mangoes and litchis for three days. By the end of it, my stomach pain had vanished, and so did my gastric trouble. I never looked back. I had turned hundred per cent raw vegan."

2. Lot More Than Just Fruit Salad and Juices

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Mehak Dhawan

Her website Raw Rasoi is full of recipes for smoothies, juices, date bars, coconut ladoos and water melon popsicles. Not only that, you can also get the vegan version of your favorite dish on the website. For example, Rupinder created vegan Brownies by blending walnuts, dates and chocolate powder in a mixer. “Food is basically science. If you are creative, you can have fun with it, and balance taste with nutrition. How you make it is more important. You have to cook with love."

Indulge yourself in mouth-watering fruit recipes.

3. And Easy To Begin With

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Bhavya Bansal

Rupinder, after turning into a raw vegan discovered how healthy and nutritious our Indian diet is. "Local, fresh, organic and seasonal produce is always the best. Once I started playing around with raw vegan recipes, I came to know of so many new indigenous fruits and vegetables. We are rich in nutritious food. We should be promoting our food to the West. Instead of running behind the packaged fruit juices, why don’t we just cut a lemon, squeeze it into water and have the drink fresh and nutritious?"

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Ayushi Gupta

Here's a tip that Rupinder shares with all beginners turning into raw vegans- “Start gorging on fruits. Eat as much as you like, until you are full. While you are off to work, put an apple into your bag. You can make delicious dishes using fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw food can be simple--from a mono meal of chopped fruits to a salad that has a combination of fruits and vegetables. All it takes is ten minutes to prepare these items. These are simple recipes, ideal for professionals, who are in a hurry.”

4. Quizzes, Events and Health.

The website also includes a section devoted for kids which involves recipes, stories and quizzes especially designed for kids. Apart from this, Rupinder hosts events where she discusses how one can detox his mind and soul through raw vegan diet and meditation. If you're looking a way to kick-start your day with a healthy and delicious fruit diet, then you can have a subscription to her e-book Start-Your-Day-Raw here.

And just like Rupinder sums up "Eat Rawsome, Feel Awesome".