A Lot of History

Washtenaw Dairy, the home of delicious ice cream and homemade donuts that satisfy the sweet tooth of the inhabitants of Ann Arbor, started simply as a dairy manufacturer. Washtenaw Dairy sold wholesale milk, cream, eggs, and other dairy products to local businesses. In the 50s, Washtenaw Dairy added ice cream to the mix. Their last addition, 30 years later, is their homemade donuts. The owner of Dominicks, a nearby restaurant, sold his donut machine to the dairy in the 80s.

Now, the donuts and ice cream make up a considerable part of their business. The dairy has 3 primary sources of income. The first is the ice cream and donut shop. The second is the dairy products that are sold to local restaurants such as Isalita, Mani, the Dixboro, and Frita Batidos, just to name a few. Lastly, Washtenaw Dairy has become a certified partner of U of M, making them one of the main caterers for the University's major events. A week ago, The Ross School of Business ordered 30 dozen boxes of donuts from the dairy! 

Due to its history and longevity, the dairy holds a special place in the hearts of many Ann Arbor locals. There have been a whopping three couples who have met in the corner booth in the dairy, leading them to get engaged here. Not only was their engagement at the dairy, but they incorporated the dairy into their weddings. They catered desserts from the dairy for the wedding festivities.

A group of men, who sadly are no longer with us here today, would come to the dairy every day for 50 consecutive years. They coined themselves "the breakfast club". They would read the newspaper, sip their coffee, and eat some donuts as they spent quality time with one another.

Washtenaw Dairy has a special place in Ann Arbor locals' hearts as well as Michigan students.

Their Unique Items

Katerina Jonna

The dairy is constantly creating seasonal flavors to add to its ice cream and donut assortment. They welcome their customer's opinions, emphasizing the family-like environment of the dairy. Some innovative donut flavors that they have tried include chocolate coconut, apple fritter, and lemon poppy seed. Because they are constantly rotating flavors, they have implemented a system where if you try five of their monthly flavors, you will be entered to win free ice cream. 

While at the dairy, some of our members tried unique combos of their classics. They made us donut sandwiches, floats, and milkshakes. Make sure to try their home made root beer or special cold brew and coffee blends.

Washtenaw Dairy is an indispensable landmark in Ann Arbor. Its presence is felt throughout the city as it gives so much to the residents of Ann Arbor.