With sneezes and coughs as the usual background noise during this time of year on campus, I’m sure we’re all a little more uneasy about the flu. Instead of reaching for the EmergenC or injecting vaccines, let’s fight the flu like any good foodie would... with FRUIT!

Preventing sickness doesn’t have to sound horrid or taste like artificial bubble gum flavored medicine (unless you’re into that). But I promise you, fighting sickness with proper nutrition is: 

1. So much tastier

2. Effective in improving your mood and mental health

3. Money-saving (no endless cycles of medications)

4. Safe -- no harmful side effects!

Fighting the flu can actually taste as pleasant as sweet bursts of citrus (natural starbursts?), as spicy as red pepper flakes added to freshly made pizza, or ginger added to tea. I’m sure you’ve heard of foods with high amounts of antioxidants that are natural antibiotics, like ginger and red pepper flakes. Yes, this is true & there is science to assure us! This news should have every foodie shoutin’ & praisin’! Healing ourselves with food is possible, people!

Marissa Rodriguez

Food Can Be Our Medicine.

We should be researching not only what foods contain Vitamin C, but also A and D, which new research has shown is just as important for the immune system. In sunny Miami we are #BLESSED with delicious tropical fruits packed with vitamins all year round.

Go ahead and make a Saturday morning trip to one of my favorite Spanish markets: Palacio de los Jugos. Their specialties are cold, refreshing juices from an array of fruits. Some that are especially good for fighting the flu are passion fruit, mamey, mango, papaya,  and pineapple; these are beautiful treats nature has gifted us with, so let’s use them to make our bodies armed and ready!

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Sam Jesner
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Jocelyn Hsu

One of my family’s personal favorite juices to get at Palacio de los Jugos is a mix of freshly pressed orange juice and carrot juice. Now this is a boost of vitamins that every single body needs, especially those who feel like they’re running on low battery.

I hope this was helpful for those of you who are beginning to feel that ickiness in the back of your throat and a heaviness in your body. Do your body a favor and give it that extra fight it needs! I encourage you all to enjoy the delicious fruits of this season & be aware of how the quality of food you put in your body will reflect the quality life you have.

Blessings and good health!

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Jocelyn Hsu