Wine, the pinnacle of a grape's lifetime, just got 1000x cooler with the new trend of canned wine. Am I the only one who is jumping for joy? The combination of the ease of a can and the luxury of some drinkable fermented grapes is impossible to ignore. Here are some #relevant reasons why canned wine is just better all around.

Convenience and Volume

Typically just two cans of wine fit the same amount of wine that a whole bottle could, this makes storage (whether in a backpack, cooler, or fridge) way easier. Also when we think about how small soda or beer cans are, consuming two cans of wine seems like an easy task... aka this fast track to getting #litty off wine.

 Ea$y to Di$gui$e

Those old fashion glass bottles are anything but discrete. Now we can enjoy wine in parks, on the beach, basically anywhere with the simple disguise of a can sleeve. 

Lack of Glass is Summer-Friendly

Besides the discreetness that a can offers, since glass is banned at most beaches and pool facilities, the aluminum is less hazardous and thus pool and beach friendly, which is very important to keep in mind with the summer months coming up. Not to mention they are perfect for all of your tailgating and barbecues!!


Since us millennials are apparently concerned with efficiency, it is important to note that canned wine eliminates the need for glasses, bottles, and pesky cork screws. I mean who even really knows how to use one of those without breaking a sweat anyway?

Easy to Pack 

Canned wine is becoming a popular carry on in beach bags, for hiking trips, and all other sorts of short excursions. They are easy to transport as they typically come individually or in packs of four or five. I mean who doesn't want to enjoy quality wine after trekking to the top of a mountain... or just getting blackout at the local beach... there's really no difference, right?? 

Options Options Options

Do you and your friend/significant other/parent/sibling have different preferences for wine? Well, now everyone can choose their own kind instead of having to agree on one or two bottles. With this trend, there are new brands emerging, and canned wine is sold individually as well.

Now that you know all the reasons why canned wine is just simply better all around, you can upgrade your spring and summer events with this #trendy new drink.