Ever feel like you don't know what to drink on each day of the week? Look no further than this perfect list. Here's a drink for every day of the week, depending on the vibe the day gives off. Use these to go out, to stay in, to make for yourself, to enjoy with all your friends, or to win the tailgate.

1. Monday Margaritas

Erica Swanson

Sure, Monday is a dreary start to a long week. But the only way to brighten that up is with margaritas. With all the different possibilities of flavors for your Monday margs, you'll never get tired of this drink. And depending on the season you can make it frozen, add a salted rim, or play around with different flavor combos. 

2. Tuesday Moscow Mules

tea, soup, lime
Kristina Rossi

Truth uncovered: Moscow mules are not just for adults. This drink is amazing, under-ratedly easy to DIY at home, and the ginger beer helps settle your stomach. Want a chill Tuesday at home? Moscow Mule. Want to pregrame a bar night? Moscow mule. Want to impress your friends with your cocktail making skills? Moscow mule. 

3) Wednesday Sangria

wine, sweet, juice, alcohol, tea, liquor
Emily Genzer

The best way to celebrate making it over the hump of the week is to pour some sangria. Buy it bottled, make your own, or treat yourself with a meal out of tapas and sangria. Test out different wines, fruit combos, or extra add-ins to perfect your sangria for the season you're in. 

4) Thursday Wells

Drink, Drinks, Summer, juice, summer drink, summer drinks, lemonade
Beatriz Gras

Thursdays are for celebrating the almost end of the week and that means it's time to GO OUT. Shoutout to all those college bars (@Ricks) who do discounted well drinks. So enjoy your vodka crans and check here to see how many hours it takes to dance allllll those calories away. 

5) Friday Long Island's

ice, lemonade, juice, iced tea, lemon, tea, cocktail, sweet
Claire Waggoner

Name a more perfect (and basic) drink for a Friday night. You can't, because Long Islands have the best mix of a lot of different alcohols and only God knows what else. Flavor it, play with the mix-ins, or enjoy it normal; a Long Island will get you ready to go out. 

6. Saturday Game Day Cocktails

Madi Kantor

Saturdays mean game-days in college. And if you're looking for a morning tailgate drink that's not a mimosa, try combining your school colors into a layered drink. Or look here for many, many morning drinks to make to bring your bartending A-game to your pregame. 

7. Sunday Wine Night

wine night, wine, wine glass, white wine, rose, wine bottles
Kate Lawlor

The only way to wind down after a long week and prepare for the next one is to host a wine night. Grab your besties, pop open the wine, bring all the snacks, and turn on your favorite rom-com this Sunday. Wine nights are an essential part of college and I would also argue an essential part of every week. 

Maybe it's a senior year of college thing, or maybe I just have too much time on my hands, but this go-to guide for drinks for everyday of the week can help you become the best drink of the week host. Happy mixing, pregaming, and drinking!