Otto Pizza originated in Maine, but there are several locations throughout Massachusetts. The original Otto Pizza in Maine used to be a gas station, and was transformed into a restaurant in 2009. All of the other Otto Pizza places throughout the United States have replicated the unique design of the original Otto Pizza in Maine.  The pizzas are so unique that everyone should make at least one trip to Otto in their life.  While all of the Otto pizzas are great, there is, of course, a ranking as to which one really is superior.

6. Mashed Potato, Bacon, and Scallion Pizza

This delicious pizza is amazing if you love mashed potatoes, bacon and scallions! You should cherish this savory goodness the next time you venture out to Otto Pizza. Otto Pizza may have unique flavors of pizza, but all pizza place employees endure similar experiences.  Check out this article if you want to learn about what every pizza place employee can relate to.  

5. Three Cheese Tortellini Pizza

This delicious pizza combines your love of tortellini and pasta with your love of pizza! If you like tortellini and pizza, why not combine them and enjoy them both simultaneously?? This pizza is amazing and will definitely inspire you to go back to Otto.  Don't get me wrong, I love tortellini and pizza, but there are some better flavors at Otto, in my opinion.  

4. Margherita Pizza

Most pizza places have some version of margherita pizza, but the one at Otto pizza is absolutely amazing!  This is perfect for all those vegetarians out there! Or if you just want a simple pizza with some veggies.  Believe it or not, Otto Pizza is not the only pizza place in Portland. Check out this article if you want to learn about yummy restaurants in Portland, in addition to Otto Pizza. 

3. Sriracha Chicken and Avocado Pizza

This pizza is relatively healthy and savory and will definitely inspire you to make another trip to Otto sometime soon!  Sriracha and avocado is another interesting combination, but just try me on this one-you will love it!

2. Blue Cheese, Roasted Pear, and Arugula

 Who would've thought that blue cheese and arugula would make such a wonderful combination??  That's why this pizza is number 2 on my list.  Still not the best, but it's definitely up there. Why not get your fix of protein and fiber, while also adding some blue cheese as a special treat?? This flavor of pizza is just one of the reasons why Otto Pizza is one of the best pizza places in the Northeast.  Check out this article if you want to see where you can find the best pizza places in the Northeast, in addition to Otto Pizza.

1. Butternut Squash, Ricotta, and Cranberry Pizza

This is my favorite pizza at Otto.  Who would ever think that butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberries would be a great combination for a pizza?? This unlikely combination is meant for the sweet tooths out there.  I highly recommend trying this pizza the next time you go to Otto.

All of these flavors are amazing, but you'll have to make your way to Otto if you want to see what other flavors they offer. Eat up!!