Everyone has been there. You need to eat somewhere but can't decide what the right spot for the occasion is. Here is an insider look for SMU students of the perfect place for each time you find you and your friends asking "Where should we eat for ___?"

1. Post Workout: Nekter Juice Bar

strawberry, vegetable
Whitney Wilkerson

Wondering where to eat in Dallas post workout? Well, if you just went to soul and you’re absolutely starving but don’t wanna splurge on ALL the calories you just burned, give Nekter a try! They have tons of smoothies, juices, acai bowls, and a host of other health conscious items. Try the acai mango bowl (my fave). Nekter is any SMU student's post workout staple. Even better is that its walking distance from campus so you get an extra little workout in. 

2. Pre Formal Dinner: Sushi Axiom 

sauce, sushi
Whitney Wilkerson

Nothing says a SMU formal dinner like sake bombs and some sooosh. There is no better place to pregame your next greek event than at Sushi Axiom. Not only is it super close to campus, but the mood lighting and big circular booths make it ideal for large parties to get the night going. Order the Henderson roll for a cooked rice take on a classic Philadelphia roll and don't forget the edamame.

3. Dessert: Sprinkles Cupcakes 

cupcake, birthday cake, cake
Whitney Wilkerson

Sprinkles is the brainchild of the genius who decided that cupcakes and ice cream should be enjoyed together in one sweet, harmonious cup. Seriously, I never knew how addicting a red velvet cupcake split in half and filled with ice cream could be . Also they have a 24 HOUR CUPCAKE ATM. Yes, I know— perfect for those late night study seshes when you're craving a good dessert and everywhere else is closed. 

4. When You're Hungover: Waffle House 

maple syrup, sweet, honey, syrup, waffle
Whitney Wilkerson

The Waffle House is the BEST breakfast you can get for under $20. The perfect cure to any Sunday scary can be found at the Waffle House. Nothing soaks up last nights alcohol like a chocolate chip waffle doused in syrup, a platter of hash browns scattered, smothered and covered, and of course a cup of the famous Waffle House coffee. 

5. On the Go: EatZis 

EatZis, or as I like to call it, my foodie version of Disney World. EatZis is like a grocery store on steroids, a food lover's paradise. From their prepared foods section to their salad and sandwich bar, EatZis has something for EVERY appetite. The mac and cheese is actually life changing. Warning: do not go in hungry or you will do severe damage to your allowance. 

6. For When You Want to Take an Instagram: Toasted Coffee + Kitchen 

Toasted is the latest hot spot for SMU students to study while enjoying a nice piece of toast and a latte, in an airy, modern space. The toast combinations go way beyond butter and jam, with exotic toppings such as volcanic sea salt, ricotta and of course your good ol' avocado toast. The prices are super fair too, and lets not forget the most important part, "insta-ability." Toasted's aesthetic atmosphere and simplistic silverware creates the perfect scene to showcase your toast. 

7. First Date: Torchy's Tacos 

Torchy's Tacos is a SMU student's perfect spot for a first date. It is walking distance from campus giving you extra time to talk on the walk, and it is amazing Mexican food for insanely good prices. The menu highlights include the chips with guac and queso— both insanely fresh and yummy. Taco-wise, don't skip out on the Democrat or the Trailer Park, but whatever you do, don't forget the Mexican street corn #intacoswetrust. 

8. Date Night: Taverna 

Taverna is the ideal place for a cozy date night dinner, with an unbelievable wine list and a huge selection of pasta dishes. Coupled with a warm, ambient environment and romantic table set up, Taverna is a winning combo for your next date night or anniversary dinner.

9. Birthday Dinner: The Standard Pour 

straw, tea, cocktail, alcohol
Nicole Cohen

What better way to celebrate your birthday than sharing a giant Moscow mule with your best friends? This huge drink comes with long red straws perfect for the "bday insta" that everyone wants. While the Moscow mule is the main attraction, the food also speaks for itself. For entrees try the roasted chicken with fried brussels sprouts or mac & cheese— perfect for a birthday splurge and the Standard Pour is super close to Avenu. If you're lucky enough to celebrate your birthday with a table at Avenu, than you have the perfect pregame dinner spot. 

10. Fun Drinks: The Common Table 

Let it be known: The Common Table also has delicious food, but the drink menu is the clincher for me. The Common Table has the coolest beverage selections in uptown, with favorites ranging from the beloved skittles sangria to the Common Table mojito. They also have great brunch drink specials on the weekends with $3 mimosas and $7 bloody mary's.

11. Boulevard Brunch: Villa-O 

Villa-O is the quintessential brunch spot for a pre-boulevard meal. I know I am always starving by the time I sit down to brunch and with the boulevard taking up most of the day this is the major meal that will tide you over until nighttime. Villa-O's brunch specials such as chicken and waffles, or their pasta plates (like the penne alla vodka above) are perfect for filling up. And perhaps the best selling point for Villa O? They have $10 bottomless mimosas.

There you have it! Never again will you waste precious time deciding where to eat for your next restaurant worthy occasion. To full stomachs and empty wallets #cheers.