“Healthy ice cream" has slowly been taking over the frozen aisle over the past few years. These brands often boast a lighter texture, fewer calories, and fat or sugar alternatives, all while trying to keep the deliciousness of regular churned ice cream intact. (Most accomplish this, but speaking from experience, not all of them.)

The healthy ice cream market has boomed amazingly fast, and there seems to be endless options to pick from. So to help you spend less time making your decision in the grocery store and more time on the couch eating your dessert, here’s a list of all the healthy ice cream options available to Americans nationwide. 

1. Arctic Zero

I just got the chance to try Arctic Zero's new and improved pints for myself, and I am elated. Every time I think I have the healthy ice cream market understood, something new pops up. Arctic Zero manages to keep the ice cream flavor in their scoops while still slicing calories (I'm talking 280 calories a pint) by making their ice cream unbelievably fluffy. The science behind it isn't super clear, but something about the whipped texture works on this kind of ice cream?

I don't even like flavors without chunks usually—I would never order plain vanilla at a scoop shop. Yet, eating spoonfuls of the vanilla bean pint of Arctic Zero was like eating a cloud, and I didn't even feel the need to try the other pints I got.

Arctic Zero also makes lactose-free options, which range from 150-300 calories a pint. None of their products have sketchy sugar alcohols either—seriously, they're one of the only ones.

Where to Buy: Arctic Zero can be purchased online or at grocery chains nationwide like Whole Foods and Giant.

2. Breyer's Delights

Breyer's Delights have the advantage of being created by an ice cream giant, and all the flavor/texture/branding expertise that comes with that status. They have flavors like vanilla cupcake, cookies and cream, and raspberry chocolate, amongst classics like chocolate and vanilla. An added bonus, Breyer's offers "mini cup" versions—individual serving sized-portions of select flavors.

Where to Buy: These pints don't seem to be available online, but they're sold in stores the same way all of Breyer's pints are—basicaly everywhere. You can find them in grocery giants, local markets, and regional chains alike.

3. Charlie's Sorbet Co.

Every single flavor Charlie's Sorbet Co. produces is certified vegan. I'm excited by the Double Coconut and Midnight Chocolate flavors (because of course I am), but there's also pineapple and passionfruit varieties. Each flavor boasts all natural sweeteners and is vegan and soy, gluten, dairy, and carrageen free. If that's not enough to convince you, I think the pint designs are cute enough in themselves to warrant at least giving them a try.

Where to Buy: Charlie's can only be bought in stores along the East Coast for now, mostly centered around New York and New Jersey.

4. Edy's Slow Churned

Edy's is obviously an expert in regular, full-calorie ice cream goodness, so it makes sense that they have figured out how to master the slow churning process (again, it brings a more whipped texture) to their healthier ice cream options.

My suitemate swears by Edy's Slow Churned. As in, she has at least five quarts of this brand in our freezer at any given time. Noteworthy favorites are the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Double Fudge Brownie, and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip—though two of those are limited editions, so get them while you can.

Where to Buy: Edy's Slow-Churned can be bought in stores everywhere, from Target to Safeway, and everywhere in between.

5. Enlightened

Enlightened is known as a high protein, high fiber option that also boasts low sugar and low fat. This brand was one of the OG healthy ice creams, but hasn't quite risen to the level of popularity as its competitor, Halo Top. However, Enlightened seems to have more inventive flavor options though, like Movie Night and Glazed Donut, so that's something to get excited about.

Where to Buy: Enlightened can be bought at stores like Schnucks across the US, or online through Ice Cream Source.

6. Halo Top

If you're reading this article yet somehow still haven't heard about Halo Top, I'm curious to hear your story. Halo Top currently holds the title of America's most popular pint in grocery stores, and it's the most-referenced leaders of the healthy-pint world. The Lemon Cake flavor is a total stand out, but their newest flavor, Blueberry Crumble has definitely gotten some great reviews. 

Where to Buy: Halo Top can be bought just about anywhere, or at their two scoop shop locations in California which serve soft serve as well.

7. Moo-phoria

Ben & Jerry's is the ice cream king—we all know this. But recently, they ventured into the healthy ice cream space, and to rave reviews. Flavors include P.B. Dough, Chocolate Milk & Cookies, and Caramel Cookie Fix.  It's important to note, however, that the calories stamped on the front of the pint are for a half cup, not the whole thing. That half cup also packs 15 grams of sugar.

Where to Buy: Moophoria is only available in select Ben & Jerry's scoop shops, so call ahead to make sure your local store carries the line. If not, you can also buy the pints online or at the grocery store.

8. Revelé

Jenna Thomas

Revelé gelato flavors pack a fluffy, mousse-like texture, with only 80-90 calories per serving (each pint is around 360 calories). Flavors range from classic coffee, chocolate, and strawberry types to cake batter and peanut butter truffle. I remain a fan of the Seasonal Strawberry.

Where to Buy: Revelé is available in specific markets across the country like Southern California, the Northeast, and some cities in the South Central region of the US. But they're soon being stocked in Safeway locations across the nation, so keep an eye out.

9. So Delicious

Like many other non-dairy frozen desserts, So Delicious brings a slightly higher calorie count to the table (about 160 calories per serving). But the flavors are excitingly similar to your favorite candy bars, and the variety of non-dairy base options—cashew milk, coconut milk, almond milk, and soy mil—place this brand head and shoulders above most of its dairy-free competitors.

Where to Buy: So Delicious is sold pretty much nationwide, both in big chains like Target and more local dealings like Dierberg's Market.

10. Sweet Habit

A new player in the healthy ice cream game, Sweet Habit provides a quart-sized version of the traditionally pint-packaged dessert. The low-fat, low-calorie ice cream is currently offered in four flavors, all of which ring it at 70 or 80 calories a serving (around 300 calories a pint).

Where to Buy: Sweet Habit is not currently sold online, but you can find their pints in pretty much any Kroger or Target store across the country.

11. Thrive

Thrive was designed as a meal alternative for those with specific dietary restrictions—like a protein shake, but better. They market themselves primarily towards healthcare facilities, sports programs, and caregivers, but the ice cream can be bought by anyone. Their ice cream is packed with 6-7 grams of protein per serving and is (as advertised above) 99% sugar free. 

Where to Buy: Thrive, obviously. Well, you can also buy it online through Ice Cream Source too, actually.

12. Wink

Wink is a vegan ice cream that's 100 calories a pint. Without any top allergens, sugar, or fat, the pints are definitely more of a sorbet than an ice cream. If you don't go into the experience expecting a scoop of Ben & Jerry's, Wink seems to be a way to curb your sweet cravings without giving up much of anything diet-wise.

Where to Buy: Wink is sold in local markets all over the country, but not carried by a big retailer like Giant. But you can also buy the pints online.

13. Yasso

So I just recently tried Yasso's pints, and I'm a huge fan. Their Greek frozen yogurt pints were inspired by their original frozen Greek yogurt bars, but may soon overtake the bars in popularity. Even my friends who swear they're against the concept of "healthy ice cream" loved the Coffee Brownie Break flavor so much that they finished my pint. I'm also a sucker for the Loco Coco Caramel myself (because coconut and chocolate and caramel is a dream come true). Yasso's texture is so much better than many healthier ice creams, as it feels like greek yogurt, rather than just fluff.

Where to Buy: Yasso's pints are sold in Targets and other nationwide retailers, but also online in packs of eight pints.

Each of these healthier versions of ice cream claim to be able to satisfy an ice cream craving without the indulgence of regular ice cream. And most of them are actually pretty good at what they do, as long as you recognize that you're not going to get the full creamy texture of a regular scoop. Frankly, I'm slightly annoyed that these brands have tricked my brain into thinking that eating an entire pint of ice cream is OK—because I end up racking up all the sugar and fat that way anyways. But I also won't stop eating them.