Low-calorie ice cream is having a moment. Its popularity has skyrocketed, and everyone loves it. But what about healthier versions of gelato? Revelé Gelato has decided to enter the low-calorie dessert market with their new, super premium, whipped gelato. Their pints don't use sugar substitutes, so you don't have to worry about the potential negative side effects of artificial sweeteners. A serving size runs 80-90 calories, depending on the flavor, and carries only 4 grams of fat and 5-6 grams of sugar.

It all sounded just a little too good to be true, so I jumped on the opportunity to taste-test some of Revelé's soon to be released flavors—for research purposes only, of course.

Overall impressions

Jenna Thomas

The gelato texture reminds me of a decadent mousse. It's of course thicker than mousse, and obviously colder, but they both feel similarly light in your mouth. I was impressed by the fact that each pint is lactose and gluten-free, and uses minimal ingredients. Revelé Gelato achieves the low-calorie, low-additive sweet spot by whipping more air into their product. This makes the texture unlike any gelato I've ever had before, but I could see the idea catching on as the low-cal ice cream trend continues.

If you're wondering why this gelato is called "super premium," that's because Revelé claims to be the only gelato on the market with 40% solids. Basically, this means that it's denser and less overrun than a regular ice cream would be

So far, Revelé has stuck to pretty classic flavors—the three that I tried, Coffee Toffee Crunch, Belgian Chocolate, and Seasonal Strawberries, plus Vanilla Symphony, Cake Batter, and White Chocolate Raspberry.

Coffee Toffee Crunch

Jenna Thomas

The Coffee Toffee Crunch flavor wasn't my favorite. While I was eating it, I enjoyed it, but the aftertaste wasn't pleasant. The coffee flavor was smooth and sweet, but it just didn't feel great post-swallow. The crunchy pieces weren't spread out throughout the whole pint, but when I was able to scoop out a crunch-filled bite, it was a welcomed textural addition. I kept eating more of it, so it wasn't all bad, it just left an aftertaste that I wasn't into.

Belgian Chocolate

Jenna Thomas

This gelato had a simple, clean flavor—what more could you ask for? The Belgian Chocolate wasn't fancy, rather, it was a classic chocolate flavor with small chocolate chip pieces sprinkled throughout. The mousse consistency was definitely most present with this one, which I liked. It's definitely worth letting the pint defrost a little before digging in. This gives the whipped texture time to live up to its full potential, giving you the best experience possible.

Seasonal Strawberries

Jenna Thomas

This flavor was, without a doubt, the best. I generally expect gelato to be richer, but I was more surprised than unhappy about the way this felt in my mouth. It didn't really taste like fresh strawberries, but the texture was more exciting than the other two I had tried and I happily imagined scooping out the leftovers into an ice cream sandwich. 

I was most disappointed by the Coffee Toffee Crunch. That being said, I really enjoyed the strawberry and would definitely be open to testing out the Cake Batter or Vanilla Symphony flavors when they come out. I'm not sure Revelé has cracked the code to whipped gelato quite yet, but I'm definitely optimistic that they'll perfect their formula in the future.