Everyone who has ever been to (or dreamt about going to) New York City knows that it's full of amazing things. From tourist attractions, to restaurants and museums, it's practically heaven. If you thought you've done all of the touristy things the city offers, think again, because Sugar Factory is bringing a Candy Museum to the Big Apple. That's right—a Candy Museum. 

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Sugar Factory is usually known for its couture pops and goblets, which have been endorsed by celebrities like the Kardashians and Drake. But this time around, Sugar Factory is dedicating a whopping 30,000 square feet of sugar-coated deliciousness all to candy. And it's sure to draw in a crowd.

You'll find the candy museum in the Chelsea area, at the former home of the famous Limelight nightclub. It will have 15 "experimental" rooms, themed around candy, as well as a dessert marketplace (which will showcase demonstrations by 20+ candy companies), a full-service Sugar Factory restaurant, and an outdoor cafe. There is also expected to be a (delicious) full-size candy unicorn, the world's largest gummy bear, candy-tasting spots, candy murals, and more. 

What else should I expect?

Like the infamous Ice Cream Museum, the Candy Museum promises to fulfill your childhood dreams of being surrounded by never-ending treats. Expect an abundance of colors and a chance to take Instagram-worthy pictures around every corner.

On top of a million new Instagram posts and seeing all 15 rooms, your ticket will include candy and dessert tastings, entrance into the dessert marketplace, and a chance to create your own candy.

At the Sugar Factory restaurant located in the museum, you'll be offered favorites from the Sugar Factory menu, including the legendary 24-scoop King Kong Sundae (pictured above). You'll also find Pop-Tarts, doughnuts, milkshakes, and coffee in the cafe.

When does it open?

While there's not a set date yet, the museum plans to open in Summer of 2018. On top of the NYC location, Sugar Factory has promised to open two more locations: one in Los Angeles and the other unknown.

More information on tickets and the opening date can be found at the Museum of Candy website. So, book your airline tickets now and put your dentist on speed-dial, because you'll want to experience this sugar high.