If you're anything like me, you need a little something sweet after every single meal. I can be full and completely satisfied from dinner and still need that extra bite afterwards. Thanks to my extensive samplings of Yasso's Greek yogurt desserts, I have officially found my everyday treat. Don't let the Greek yogurt fool you – every single Yasso dessert is creamy, sweet, and packed with flavor. Here's the ultimate guide to Yasso's products.

Greek Yogurt Bar

Yasso's first and most well known product is the Greek yogurt bar. This collection of bars provides the perfect balance of a creamy, sweet treat – and it's placed on a stick for your eating convenience. The original greek yogurt bars currently come in 11 different flavors. Craving fudge brownie? Cookie dough? Birthday cake? They've got them all. The best part is that each bar has a mix in to match the flavor profile. Biting into chunks of dough or chocolate flakes will only add to your dessert experience. 

Dipped Greek Yogurt Bars 

Okay okay, up next may be my favorite of the products I've tried so far. Yasso's dipped Greek yogurt bars are a major step up from the original ones. The extra bite from the crispy-crunchy chocolate shell infused with puffed quinoa makes this dessert experience all the more enjoyable. The dipped bars currently come in four different flavors, and the chocolate coating compliments the creamy goodness of the sweet greek yogurt filling. If you're a fan of chocolate and crunch, I highly recommend choosing from this line of Yasso's dessert products. 


If you're looking for a handheld dessert option and want that extra chew from a soft cookie layer, Yasso's sandwiches may be the perfect pick for you. Choose from classic vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, or peanut butter for a treat you can more easily chomp into. The classic vanilla bean will no doubt stir up memories of a poolside ice cream sandwich, and the peanut butter one is akin to decadent Reese's ice cream. So, go ahead and treat your inner child with any of these Yasso sandwiches. 


If you're craving a dipped bar, but don't want the whole thing, take a look into Yasso's line of poppables. They're just as delectable as the full bars, but as the name indicates, these treats are bite-sized. Currently offered in vanilla, caramel, and coffee, these bites are flying off the shelves – and it's no wonder why. In just one mouthful, you get the hard chocolate shell and the creamy Greek yogurt inside that makes for a textural adventure. 

No matter which Yasso dessert you get your hands on, you can't go wrong. Their products are made with live and active cultures, a little bit of protein, and no artificial sweeteners, so these treats are a perfect addition to your dessert rotation. While it's hard for me to pick my ultimate favorite, I definitely have some front runners that will continue to fill my dorm room freezer.