Chopsticks can be a real struggle when you start using them. Many people start off strong, but later ditch the chopsticks for the classic fork and knife. Personally, I consider myself a chopstick master since I use chopsticks to eat anything at home from ramen to Spanish chicken and rice. I even bought myself my own pair of metal chopsticks in Chinatown. But chopsticks can go beyond just eating your sushi. Here are nine ways to use chopsticks other than eating your favorite meal.

1. Cooking Utensil

Chopsticks make the perfect cooking tool. I often use them to cook my ramen because they easily break the noodles apart. They are also great for stirring in the flavor packets quickly. You can use chopsticks to flatten the top of measuring cups. Not to mention, they help prevent nasty burns when deep frying food due to being able to reach the food from a further distance.  

2. Thermometer in Disguise

Hot Oil Bath

Jinx! on Flickr

You can tell when your oil is ready to fry using several different methods. One of those methods is by sticking a wooden spoon in the hot oil–or alternatively a wooden chopstick! If the oil bubbles on the chopstick, you're ready to deep fry what ever you would like

3. Deep Cleaning 

Can't get the dirt in the cracks of a counter? Worry no more, for chopsticks are your solution! Just wrap a paper towel or Clorox wipe on the end of one the chopsticks and now you can reach those places you never thought like those pesky corners, borders, or even the bottom of your sneakers. Now, you can go obsess about cleaning those places nobody will ever notice. Don't worry though, you'll know it's clean. 

4. Gardening

Chopsticks can be used in several ways to show off your green thumb even if you aren't the best gardener. You can use the chopstick to poke a small hole in the dirt for the seeds without making a big mess. You can also leave the chopstick in the dirt standing up in case your little plant buddy needs something to lean on while it grows. While you're at it, you might as well also name your new plant friend, so make the chopstick a label by either writing on the chopstick itself or taping a piece of paper on top. 

5. No More Stem

cream, cheese, cream cheese
Clare Beatty

You can use chopsticks as a way of taking out the stem in certain fruits like strawberries. Just stick the chopstick through the top or bottom of the fruit, and the middle stem should just pop right off. Once you do that, you can start making some delicious stuffed fruit treats by stuffing them with whatever filling you prefer. 

6. Get Out the Last of the Dish Soap


SebastianDooris on Flickr

Washing dishes is the worst. Plus, dishes have their own special soap, which if I'm going to buy you bet I'm going to use every last drop. You can make sure you get every drop of dishwasher soap by sticking a chopstick in the bottle and turning it upside down. That last little bit of soap will then trickle its way down into your new container. 

7. Skewer

chicken, sauce, teriyaki
Alexandra Torres-Perez

Everyone has had that moment while eating with chopsticks when you just can't pick your food up, so what do you do? You stab it! Though it is not the right way to eat with chopsticks, it is the right way for this hack! Use chopsticks as the skewers for your kabobs. Some people even sharpen one end of the chopstick with a pencil sharpener to make the stabbing easier.

8. Getting ready

Chopsticks can be very helpful when you start getting ready. You may see videos where people use different utensils to help guide their contouring. Chopsticks can do that too! They can help hold you hair up if you need an extra hand. Or what if you get an itch while getting ready? Chopsticks got your back. 

9. Balance


jar [o] on Flickr

You can use chopsticks as base for pans. Just line them up on the counter and place the pan on top. This can be helpful when it comes to baking and don't want to put a hot pan on the counter. Your mom would be proud

There you have it! Those are nine ways to use chopsticks other than eating. But those aren't the only uses chopsticks have. Be resourceful and come up with other uses for this utensil at home.