First of all, if you haven't watched Netflix's reboot of Queer Eye drop everything and watch it ASAP. While on paper it may sound like a fun a silly show where five gay guys give lifestyle makeovers to men who need some serious help, there are some real poignant moments that bring the show to a next level. 

All of the Fab Five (Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, and Antoni) are absolutely amazing, but my definite favorite is Antoni, who's in charge of the food and wine makeover on the show. 

Here are some moments that made Antoni my definite favorite of the Fab Five and had all of America drooling over more than just his amazing food. 

1. When he put avocado on just about every dish

When it comes to avocado, Antoni gets it. From making homemade guacamole with a twist by adding greek yogurt, to making a colorful and fresh salad with avocado and grapefruit, Antoni takes a tried and true classic and makes it even better. 

2. Everytime he went out of his way to smell something bad

In the first part of the show, the Fab Five go through the house of the guy they're making over. For Antoni, this usually involves going into the kitchen and smelling whatever rotting food or strange concoctions that are waiting for him.

As he says in one episode, "I'm a little bit of a glutton for punishment." 

3. When he was "thirsty"

In one particularly emotional episode, the Fab Five help a gay man come out to his stepmom. Towards the end of the episode, when the makeover is complete, Antoni gets "thirsty" when the man comes out in a particular outfit.

I won't give anything else away, but make sure to watch episode four if you give this show a try. 

4. When he gives out great tips on his Instagram

As Antoni says on his Instagram, "I stan for dinner on a sheet pan. I love a weeknight quickie other than a block of cheese and crackers as I lean over my kitchen counter (it’s quite the sight)." 

Antoni regularly provides great tips for easy dinners or exciting sides on his Instagram like this drool-worthy salmon sheet pan dinner or radishes dipped in tempered butter. Definitely give him a follow if you need some dinner inspiration. 

5. When he expressed his shock and horror at the concept of drinking pickle juice

In an episode where the Fab Five give a makeover to a police officer, Antoni finds out the guy's favorite drink is room temperature pickle juice. After an initial moment of questioning, Antoni gives the drink a try, and as you can see, he isn't the biggest fan.

That being said, it's great to see someone who is willing to try out even the weirdest sounding foods—the mark of a true foodie. 

6. When he showed his love for kale in the most extra way possible

It's not just avocados that this trendy foodie has an eye on. Serving up some Roman emperor realness, Antoni makes kale look even more versatile than it already is. I wonder if he made a Caesar salad after taking this photo. 

7. When he shares his ever present love of corgis on his Instagram

Food isn't the only thing that Antoni loves. His Instagram is littered with pictures of him meeting and playing with dogs, but his favorite are corgis. 

In an article by The New York Times, the reporter noticed that, "he keeps corgi magnets on his fridge that display the aphorisms 'I rock the belly flop' and 'Life is short, so are my legs,'" showing that this love for these dogs are undeniable.  

8. When he was a master of self-care

After a long day of drinking pickle juice and smelling strange odors, it's always good to unwind, and Antoni knows that.  While the combo of a face mask and a smoothie sounds like a match made in heaven to me, here are some other ideas for some self love inspiration. 

9. When he gave some love to the queen herself Julia Child

As if he couldn't get any better, Antoni gives props and some major love to the OG queen of the kitchen Julia Child. As he says in his Instagram caption, Julia Child "taught me that food is an accessible art. I never forgot that. I also suspect that, to Julia, it was never just about the food. It never is."

While it's great that Antoni tries out new techniques and foods, it's always cool to see someone who knows their history and give major kudos to trailblazers in the food industry. 

If you want to see more of Antoni, make sure to check out Queer Eye on Netflix and give him a follow on his social media so you can see more food, dogs, and Antoni being Antoni.