Ahhhh, the sweet signs of Thanksgiving. Turkey roastin’ in the oven, stuffing stuffing our bellies, and buttery, garlicy mashed potatoes.

Picture this: You’ve just finished your overwhelming, 5000 calorie meal (but hey, calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, right?) and there’s that tiny spot in your tummy craving somethin’ sweet. And what does your aunt bring out of the kitchen? Pie. Dare I say it again? *shiver* 

Don’t you worry fellow pie haters — we’ve got a solution to avoid this catastrophe while still achieving that oh so sweet Thanksgiving coma:

1. Marshmallows Over Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Photo courtesy of cookingclassy.com

Who needs pie when you’re combining perfectly toasted marshmallows atop a pile of orangey, sweet deliciousness that is sweet potatoes. Let’s be honest, we all wanna eat dessert first anyway, right? Pile these sweet thangs next to your plate o’ turkey and you’re in for a sweet main course filling enough to last you through the pie phase.

2. Cake Pops


Photo by Megan Hennessey

I think it’s fair to assume that cake pops are one of the coolest new trends on the block. Cake on a stick? Sign me up.

Make these little delights by following this super easy recipe for a quick getaway from the mystery mush in that pie pan over there. Better yet, throw out some bowls filled with toppings and make your very own cake-pop-decorating station for the whole family to bond over. Aw, how adorable.

See ya pie, this dessert is more interactive than you’ll ever be.

3. Apple Cider Doughnuts


Photo courtesy of food52.com

A fall delicacy too delicious to pass up. Honestly, I’m salivating just thinking about these fluffy beauties that take you to that special happy place.

Pop one of these in the microwave for a hot 20 seconds and boom. Magic. If you really wanna get a little crazy, plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on that sucker for an extra oomph.

4. Pumpkin Filled Cream Puffs with Praline Sauce and Toasted Pecans


Photo courtesy of fullforkahead.com

What’s better than a pastry filled with cream? Nothing. But wait… There is something. Add praline sauce and toasted pecans. Yep, I went there.

This deadly dessert will have you lying on the couch with the happiest of all food comas. The combination of fluffy, crunchy, sweet, and sticky goodness is a match made in heaven.

5. Pumpkin Bread


Photo by Amanda Shulman

This is not your typical bread, oh no sir. You can add chocolate chips, walnuts, or whatever your heart desires to this bad boy for an extra crunch. Check out this super easy recipe on how to make molten chocolate pumpkin bread that will make your heart melt. Heat up a slice of this in the microwave and you’ll surely make everyone jealous with the smell of the classic fall pumpkin aroma filling the house. 

6. Pilgrim Hat Cookies


Photo courtesy of oneperfectbite.com

Let’s be honest: What’s better than eating a festive cookie to really get you in the holiday mood? These cookies are not only adorable, but they’re also delicious. Transform your classic Fudge Stripe cookie into a dessert masterpiece. In one bite, you get mouthful of Reese’s, frosting, chocolate cookie, and holiday spirit… What could be better?

7. Snickerdoodles


Photo by Lisa Gong

These taste as yummy as they are fun to say. Snickerdoodles put a cinnamon-sugary goodness in your tummy that will definitely get you feelin’ some type of way. Serve these warm straight out of the oven for the perfect dessert. 

8. Turkey Cookies


Photo by Daniel Wu

Picture these adorable little creatures sitting on your holiday table. Talk about festive, amiright? A sweet surprise of Oreos, Candy Corn, and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup make this little treat debatably the yummiest turkey of the night.

9. Pie à la Mode — Light on the Pie, Heavy on the Mode


Photo by Grace Bodkin

So, if all else fails, and you see nothing but the dreaded pie pans filling the table, stick to this classic.  Grab that ice cream scooper out of grandpa’s hand at the table and serve yourself a hearty scoop of vanilla creamy goodness.

If you really wanna go crazy, a little chocolate won’t hurt nobody. Scurry through the cupboards and see if you can snag any and all toppings to make your sundae the envy of the table. Brownie points for presentation. Need some inspiration for toppings? Check out this article on 12 random toppings that will immensely improve your ice cream sundae making skills.