A few years ago, the only response you’d get from the word “Sriracha” was a rather inelegant “Huh?” Nowadays, most people know what you’re talking about as soon as you mention “Sriracha”—though you might have to add “red,” “rooster” and “Asian” to the description. The unique Vietnamese chili sauce, known for its spiciness with a subtle tangy-sweet undertone, has been silently establishing itself as one of the new trendiest condiments across America. You can’t even escape it at college dining halls. The bottles are literally everywhere. And, why are they everywhere? Obviously because they make everything taste better.

Is your meal feeling a little bland? You should automatic squirt some Sriracha over it and to indulge in its unique spicy-sweet combination. Here are just a few tips to help your food taste orgasmically better with this new Holy Grail condiment.

1. Mac and Cheese

Photo by Sarah Gordon, WashU Spoon

Yes, this reminiscent dish of elbow-noodles and cheese tastes pretty freakin’ awesome with some Sriracha. This Sriracha Mac and Cheese is proof.


2. Fried rice

Photo by NU Spoon

Sriracha actually goes well with almost any Asian dish, but it goes especially well with fried rice. The spice cuts into the oiliness of the dish, making it both more palatable and a heck of a lot less bland. Next time you’re shoveling a take-out carton of fried rice into your face, pause, add a few generous squirts of Sriracha sauce, prepare a glass of water—FYI fizzy drinks are a death wish when paired with spice—and dig in.


3. Tacos

Photo by Christin Urso, Texas Spoon

Like with Asian food, Sriracha goes well with any sort of Mexican dish. But since tacos are probably the most well-known, we’ll just say tacos. I don’t think much explanation is necessary for this choice. Mexican food tastes good spicy. Sriracha packs a nice punch. You do the math.


4. Pasta


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Another reminiscent dish that seriously tastes way better with Sriracha. The same ol’ tomato routine gets boring after the third mouthful, really. That’s why you gotta add some Sriracha for kicks.


5. Salads

Courtesy of Katherine Martinelli

Sound gross? Think again. The tangy sweet-and-spiciness of Sriracha goes unbelievably well with a vinaigrette. The best salad option for this type of dressing is a chopped salad, something akin to Applebee’s Fiesta Chicken Chopped Salad.


6. Hummus


Photo courtesy of fettlevegan.com

This popular Levantine food is already plenty tasty and nutritious on its own, but adding Sriracha adds another exotic dimension to it. Want to re-create the awesome Buffalo Sriracha Hummus shown below? Click here.


7. Bloody Mary


Photo courtesy of abeautifulmess.com

Can’t forget about the booze, now. Feeling adventurous? Bored of the usual concoctions? This Sriracha Bloody Mary certainly packs a nice punch.


8. Honey/BBQ Buffalo-Wings

Photo by Paige Twombly, BU Spoon

Nothing beats this sweet-and-spicy combination. The fieriness of Sriracha compliments and accentuates the sweetness of Honey/BBQ wings. Warning: if you’re sharing with friends, make sure you hoard a large pile for yourself before they disappear. Don’t worry about looking like a fat-*ss. We get it: it’s food.


9. Seafood

Photo by Bernard Wen, Maryland Spoon

Sriracha even works well with a more sophisticated selection of food: shrimp, lobster, oysters. If you’re really craving the spice, go ahead and just squirt some right on to your seafood. Otherwise, you can simply add it into the cocktail sauce. Matter of fact, here’s an excellent recipe.


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