Pickles, which are really pickled cucumbers, are fermented in a brine, aka vinegar. Some people, pickle-haters, think that pickles are too sour or just plain gross. Pickles are not only tasty, but they are beneficial to your health. Pickles come in many varieties, such as bread and butter, dill, and sour. Don't listen to the haters and find out what makes pickles so great. 

They're a Great Source of Antioxidants

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Haliana Burhans

Pickles keep some of the nutrients from the cucumber, which have antioxidants. You'll have the Vitamin K, Vitamin A, and potassium from the cucumber. Antioxidants, such as vitamin A, fight free radicals in the body.

They're Delicious on Sandwiches

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Pickles are great on burgers, turkey sandwiches, and subs. Never tried it before? Next time you make a sandwich add some pickles. Try this Cuban sandwich to get things started. 

They're Good for Your Health

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Pickles help your digestive, liver, and stomach health. The vinegar slows the growth of bacteria and probiotic bacteria will start to grow. This will aid digestion. Pickles can also remove toxins from the blood, which improves the liver. The vinegar also helps protect stomach lining from acid damage. 

You Can Fry Them

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Yes, it's true. Pickles can be fried and dipped in the sauce of your choice. Try making your own fried pickles or find the best near you. 

They Relieve Stress

Having probiotic bacteria in your gut and intestines helps improve your mood. This occurs because the impact of cortisol is reduced. The bacteria will make you feel more calm.

They Cleanse Your Palate

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Brooke Shuler

When you order a sandwich at a deli, you'll usually be served a pickle on the side. While it may seem like delis are just obsessed with pickles, they serve them in order to cleanse your palate. The acidity of the pickle lets you taste the sharp contrast of flavors, especially in the sandwich. 

You Can Drink the Juice

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According to Medical Daily, pickle juice can work as a hangover cure, post-workout cure, PMS remedy, and heartburn relief. Find out more about the hangover cure here. And find out what else you can use pickle juice for here. 

Other Veggies Want to be Pickles

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Jessica Ciccarella

That's right, pickles are so great that red onions, beets, and radishes try to be just like them. You can pickle your own vegetables or buy them. 

Even People Want to be Pickles

It may not have happened in real life yet, but "Rick and Morty" probably got some people thinking about how cool it would be to be a pickle. 

It's crazy that after finding out all the great benefits of pickles that someone could still hate them. Not only are they tasty, but pickles are great for your health. Even the juice provides nutritional benefits. Don't listen to the haters and start adding pickles to your sandwiches.