It's that time of year again when you've been to every interest meeting under the sun, begun avoiding tables at the Wall, and you've already got emails in your inbox. Why not join an organization that not only has a national community but also encourages you to get off campus and explore Nashville? Read the list below, and apply to Spoon-Vandy when you realize how amazing it would be. 

1. You have an excuse to Insta all of your food pics.

salmon, rice, kale, broccoli, spinach
Jen Reynolds

As a member of Spoon, you now have a reason to not only photograph all your meals, but you can Instagram them too on our Spoon-Vandy Instagram (@spoon_vandy). Food porn, am I right? It is expected that you take pictures of your food to help with our Instagram, but if you are interested in being a photographer, you would be a wonderful asset to our photo team. 

As a photographer, you will work with the writers to provide them with high-quality pics to complement their content. 

2. You will become a great writer about all things food related. 

chicken, hamburger
Mary Beth Schatzman

Writing for Spoon is one of the most gratifying feelings when that article you spent so much time on reaches thousands of page views. 

After writing about three or four articles, you will get the hang of the language in which you need to express yourself, how to best phrase your article title, and how to choose eye-catching photos to pair with your killer content. 

Exploring the Nashville food scene is such a blast, and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to taste and write about the incredibly delicious food music city has to offer.

3. You become part of an international community.

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When you join Spoon, you don’t just become a member of one chapter, but you become a member of the entire Spoon community. We stay connected through various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and, of course, the incredibly interesting articles that our members write. 

It is truly special to be a part of an organization that reaches so many people and we hope that you will love Spoon as much as we do!

4. Connections, connections, connections…

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Through Spoon, you will undoubtedly gain connections with restaurants, companies, and other influencers. When these people come across your articles, they might reach out to you looking to collaborate on an article or offer Spoon a deal of some sort. 

This is a huge benefit to being a part of such a well-known organization that provides so much useful information for our readers through our content.

5. There's no better way to explore Nashville.

pizza, bacon
Jen Reynolds

For most of us, we only have four years to explore this stunning city, and restaurants and farmers markets are the perfect way to get off campus and go places. 

New restaurants open up every month, and it seems like each time there's a new neighborhood that becomes the hot spot for foodies. Plus, your friends benefit too; not everyone can make time for a hike, but everyone has to eat at some point in the day.

6. It's another organization that throws #dank events and gives out free food.

Gabrielle Levitt

The difference is, we specialize in food. We've had everything from Hattie B's to Jake's Bakes to Smiling Elephant catered at meetings, and we throw study breaks each semester to help stressed out students by passing out desserts or bagels.

7. We'll help you build your professional network.

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Photo courtesy of @spoon_vandy on Instagram

Every year our network is growing, and we've worked with campus start-ups and big name organizations alike (think Lyft and Order Up). Not only to you get to benefit from the network we've built, you also get to help us grow it if you see an organization we could partner with.

8. You'll become the food expert in your friend group.

doughnut, cinnamon, bread
Gabrielle Levitt

We can confirm that there are few feelings as great as being considered the expert for something in your group of friends, and becoming the "foodie friend" has its perks. 

You become the go-to person to pick dinner spots and new brunch stops, and people trust you to give them places to go with their families for special occasions. Your meals with friends are more adventurous from your expertise, as are their family dinners.

9. Spoon is a national platform to talk about things you care about.

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Spoon is amazing because what you talk about can be as large or small in scale as you want. You can write about anything from the new bowls at Chef James to your relationship with food to body image issues in the United States. 

Food crosses over with life at so many key points, and Spoon is a great platform to share your experiences. Your articles aren't just read by people at Vandy; they can get views from people all over the country, even the world.