At 2pm on a long Monday afternoon, all I want is a Starbucks tall iced coffee. Simple as that. But these people make the endlessly long line even longer, making my already-unstable-from-lack-of-caffeine mind go crazy.

1. The Wishy Washy Customer

This person is notorious for being a line plug. Instead of being like, “Oh I don’t know what I want, please go ahead of me,” they’ll stand in that long line, debating what to get, and then change their mind four times at the last second. It’s infuriating, for both the barista and everyone stuck behind them in line.

2. The Crazy Customizer


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“Can I have an iced, half caff, ristretto, venti, 4-pump, sugar free, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte?”

Ummm, no? If you hear the person in front of you ordering this, be prepared to wait while the barista struggles to fit all of this on one cup. I can guarantee that you probably don’t even know half the words in that order, and you really don’t want to either.

3. The Frappe Lover

The thing about midday Starbucks runs is that you’ll probably see tons of high schoolers crowded into your local Starbucks. They’ll order Venti frappes with tons of whipped cream and you’ll wonder how they stay so skinny.

4. The Caffeine Addict


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This person is most likely either a businessman or a very overworked college student. They’ll order some drink with too many shots of espresso to count, or a Trenta iced coffee. Either way, you’re pretty sure that amount of caffeine isn’t too good for your body.

5. Hardcore Tea Enthusiast


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Why come to Starbucks, the most well-known coffee company in the world, and order a plain green tea? Go to a tea house or something, please.

6. The Free Loader

“Just a Venti water for me!” Nope, if you wanted free water you should’ve just filled up at a water fountain.

7. Fake Name Abuser

When you hear the barista call out, “A caramel frappe for He Who Must Not Be Named,” you’re probably less than 0% amused.

8. “Secret Menu” Hacker

Like the Crazy Customizer, this person prides themselves on knowing the entire Starbucks “secret menu” and exploiting that knowledge. Aka they take a basic drink and annoy the heck out of everyone by making it a Butterbeer latte or something.

9. The Pretend Dieter


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“Can I have a Venti non-fat frappe with sugar-free syrup, extra whipped cream and extra chocolate sauce?”

Why even pretend you want to be healthy when you’re going to add a bunch of whipped cream on top? There’s no such thing as a healthy Starbucks drink, especially not a frappe. Go big or go home, seriously.

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