If you love food, chances are that you would love watching food related shows. I can relate to this because I am myself addicted to food shows.  From Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana to MasterChef Australia, I can literally watch these shows for hours without any guilt.

Fox Life India (formerly called Fox Traveller) is one of my absolute favorite channel. Owned by Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Life telecasts shows in the genre of food, travel and lifestyle. Here are some of my picks from the channel that every food lover should definitely watch.

1. Food Safari

Hosted by Maeve O'Meara, Food Safari is an Australian food series first screened on SBS TV Australia. Maeve, in every episode, travels different parts of the world, exploring different cuisines and cultures. Each episode begins with an introduction to key ingredients, spices, vegetables and fruits available and continues with the preparation of popular dishes and desserts.

The recent series Food Safari Fire covers cooking with fire in different cuisines of the world. From Tandoori chicken to Jamaican Jerk, this show is surely going to make your mouth watery.

Watch all seasons of Food Safari.

2. David Rocco's Dolce Series

Celebrity-chef and best-selling author, David Rocco produced and hosted the television series, David Rocco's Dolce Vita, where he travels through Italy. His another show David Rocco's Dolce India is based in India and has received international success on National Geographic Network.

The idea behind these two shows is to live in the city and countryside of both these countries and show the varied culture and cuisine. In Dolce India, Rocco creates fusion of Indian and Italian dishes.

For recipes and shows, visit https://davidrocco.com/.

3. Sugar Stars

You might have dreamed of having your own business with your best friend as a partner (hope, the dream changes into reality someday!). Sugar Stars is one such show about four BFFs, who create over-the-top sweet tables adorned with hard-to-resist cakes and toothsome goodies for the biggest events.

Once you watch Sugar Stars, it'll be hard to resist all the sugary goodness in the form of sugar cookie french fries, edible lipsticks and an overflowing pot of pasta.

4. Eat Street

It's hard to control our taste buds when it comes to street food. From the chatpate gol-gappas to classic hot dogs, we all love street food. And, that is why Eat Street is a must-watch. Hosted by Canadian Comedian, James Cunningham, the show features the most lip-smacking and irresistible food served on the streets and food trucks of New York.

Check out the most delectable recipes here.

5. Twist of Taste With Vikas Khanna

It's time to welcome the Michelin starred Indian chef, restaurateur and cook book writer Vikas Khanna (drum rolls!). Vikas Khanna is also the proud host of the Twist of Taste series- Twist of Taste A Sweet Life, TOT Coastal Curries and Persian Trail. As the name suggests, the chef redefines the classic dishes and desserts and gives them his own twist.

In the latest series, he's giving a twist to American food.

6. Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

You must be kidding if you say you don't know Gordon Ramsay (NO! I'm serious).  Multi-Michelin starred chef Gordon Ramsay is a known face of the television industry, more popular for his controversial comments and harsh behavior. Kitchen Nightmares is no exception.

In this American television series, Ramsay spends a week in trying to convert a failed restaurant business into a successful one. From changing the decor and menu to making the owners more responsible, Ramsay makes the business run as smoothly as possible.

7. 5 Ingredient Fix

How often has it happened that you were hungry and had only a few ingredients in your kitchen? Well, this show is your solution every time you have the dilemma of deciding what to cook with the minimum ingredients. With five or less ingredients, Claire Robinson creates some mouth-watering dishes with the idea to make cooking easier and stress-free.

Can't wait to try these out, right?

8. Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag

Anything and everything turns out to be fun when done with your best friend, no? So, here are two friends, Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic, who take new challenge in every episode by preparing a whole meal from cookbooks for their special guest. The episode focuses on the cookbook's recipes and instructions and the time limit given in the books is strictly followed. 

At the end of each episode, Anna and Kristina declare a "buy" or "pass" for the tested cookbook. Watch out all these interesting episodes here.

9. Real Girl's Kitchen

Known as singer, actress and songwriter and popular for her cookbook Real Girl's Kitchen, Haylie Duff also hosts a show with the same name. For Haylie, kitchen is her second home. Watch her go on an adventure full of appetizing food and get the tips and tricks for all her recipes here.

With these amazing shows, Fox Life is definitely taking us places. Do let us know what are your favorite food-related shows on Fox Life.