First dates can be stressful. You have to pick out an outfit, you have to smile, and you have to hide your dead bodies so that way you don't scare them off. If you're going to a restaurant, add food to that list. But, never fear, I am here to solve this problem with the 9 Foods to Eat at a Restaurant on a First Date.

1. The Most Expensive Thing on the Menu

Show your crush that not only are you classy, but also sassy. By ordering the most expensive thing on the menu you show them that you aren't some simpleton that will settle for any kind of food. Get yourself that Lobster and Steak combo with an extra side of caviar, dessert, appetizer, and make your date pay. It's a power move and you get a free meal even if it doesn't go well.

2. The Cheapest Thing On the Menu

Alternatively, be really sweet and just order a side of mashed potatoes without the gravy. You can totally say "oh no I'm just not that hungry" if you want your good deed to go unnoticed (unlike me). But if you're like me, you'll notify them that you intentionally got something small. Then guilt them. Make them feel bad. That's right, I'm not eating because I'm saving money. Then they'll pay. Manipulation at its finest.

3. Chicken Nuggets

Want to show your date that you're both playful and down for a surprising meal? Then get chicken nuggets. If they're dino nuggets then this works ten times better at making your date wonder what's going on in your head. There is a caveat. If you pick the wrong sauce from the panel of choices, your date could instantly drop you. I've done it (but that's just me).

4. Salad

Maybe you're dating a gymnast, muscle-macho, or a janitor at a gym and want them to think that you're a health nut. If that's the case, then order and a salad and talk about how much you love lettuce. It will spice up the conversation, and maybe, if they're a janitor at the gym, want to clean up another mess.

5. Dessert

What better way to start a date then by making it sexual within the first course? Get extra whip cream and the rest belongs on pornhub. Along the same lines, you can also get something unusual for dessert. Like a glass of chocolate milk and seem fun and exciting.

6. Any Penis Shaped Food

We've all eaten a hot dog slowly while whispering to our date "meet you in the bathroom." So I consider this moreso of a "safe" option when it comes to eating on a date. It doesn't have to be hot dogs. You can do corndogs, you can do bananas, and popsicles. But never forget the original hot dog.

7. Breakfast for Dinner

All people like three things: first, spoonuniversity; second, my outfits; and third, what they can't have. If you want to show your date that you already have breakfast on your mind because you plan to have a long night with them, then order a slice of toast or some eggs. 

8. Pineapple Pizza

This one is for all of you guys looking for a serious relationship. Doctor Pineapple, a researcher at Edmund University discovered that 9/10 relationships fail if the parties together disagree about pineapple on pizza. So if you want to know if they are in it for the long haul, then order this food and watch the fireworks explode (or implode if you fight). 

9. Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a lot like pineapple on pizza except it doesn't start an immediate war or relationship. Most people either love sweet tea or hate it, but almost everyone tolerates it. If you're looking for a precursor to how your date will react to your choices, then opt for this delicious beverage. Who knows, maybe your date wants to give you something sweet too.

These 9 different options give you a lot of room to cover on your first date. My personal favorite, penis shaped foods, has always done me wonders. Try these out for yourselves and let us know which one lands you an LTR.