A lot of people don't like to talk about orgasming and sex for whatever reason, but we need to. Why? Well, there are so many unknown benefits that'll make you want to orgasm every day. Seriously, you're going to want to orgasm after reading this so you might want to have a partner ready (or your hand if that's the way you roll).

It Makes You Feel Good

Obviously orgasming feels good so that's a reason in itself. But seriously, after a challenging day at work or school you just wanna feel some joy. Or hell, maybe you've been having a good day and you just want the cherry on top or your cherry popped.

It Can Be A Workout

Listen, I know this sounds crazy, but if you put your back into it, orgasming can be a workout. If you're doing it with a partner don't discount all those position changes or all those tricks you can do with a tongue. Also, it should be noted that semen has some calories in it. Take that as you will. 

It Alleviates Stress



It's finals season everyone. So you're bound to be stressed about something, and even if you're not in school, stress is literally everywhere you go. Don't be shaved head Brittany—be Brittany on the beach during summer.

You'll Sleep Better

If you have had sex with a man, you probably know that usually as soon as he cums, he gets sleepy. But if you're having trouble getting to sleep, take off your pajamas and enter your favorite position. The ride, while involving exercise, will make you tired just like having your orgasm.

It Can Boost Your Confidence

When I found this out, I was confused, too. How can experiencing an orgasm boost your confidence? Well in a surprising twist of events, it has some sort of logical flow.

By orgasming, you're doing something you want that makes you feel good. When you make yourself feel good it enhances your self-worth, making you love yourself a bit more, and in turn, more confident. That's why some guys with a laptop and a muscular right forearm think they're hot shit.

Hopefully, I inspired you to have an orgasm today. Whether with a partner or solo, you now have ample reasons to treat yourself.