The acne (or bad skin) plague is something teenagers and young adults—save for the lucky few who I envy— are cursed with. The best and cheapest answer to our problems? Food. Save yourself a trip to the dermatologist and check out what these foods can do for you.



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The weird, inexplicable texture of egg whites stems from its high protein content, and helps to tighten pores and slow the aging process of skin. There are plenty of DIY facials that include this simple ingredient.



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We’ve all heard of the copious amounts of antioxidants contained in tea, especially green tea, that help boost metabolism and prevent heart disease. Well, those miraculous antioxidants are also prevents our body’s oxidant radicals from damaging cells and tissues (which make up and determine the quality of our skin). Save your leftover tea bags in the fridge, and place them on your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes to help reduce redness and puffiness.



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These gorgeous red fruits bursting with flavour contain a powerful antioxidant, known as selenium. It works alongside other antioxidants to protect against skin damage by the sun—those hateful sun spots and fatal cancer. Eat it or process it into a pulp to include in your facial mask—your call.



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This ‘superfood’ that has been all the rage lately is high in Vitamin E, another protector of skin and essential to healthy skin growth. Consume it as the ever-popular ‘Avocado Toast‘ or smooth it right onto your face.

Rice Water:


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By ‘rice water,’ I mean the water that is leftover after washing the rice. Myriad Asian countries have been exploiting this secret for centuries, unknowingly providing excellent nourishment for their skin as well as their hair. A recent study explains how rice water helps de-tangle hair and prevent future damage, as well as provide moisture and anti-inflammation properties for skin.



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The quintessential DIY facial items. With its cooling and soothing properties, all you have to do is place some thinly sliced pieces onto your face, with yogurt as optional ‘glue’ to keep them in place. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to help fade dark spots and sun-freckles.



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Upon scouring the web, I’ve come across numerous people that swear by coconut oil. And, one of those people includes supermodel Miranda Kerr. Do you really need any more incentive? Read here to see how she uses it.



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These juicy gems are not only bursting in flavour, but in Vitamin C as well. And we all know how much our skin benefits from Vitamin C: hydrated, smooth skin courtesy of the free-radical-fighting properties of the vitamin. Slurp up the goodness in a berry smoothie and slather the leftovers on your face.



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Not only does it provide more sweetness in fewer calories, honey is naturally antibacterial and packed with antioxidants. Its antibacterial properties are great for treating acne, and its antioxidants slows down the aging process of our skin. It’s about that time, isn’t it?

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