Red is the real MVP of "Orange is the New Black." Her faithful loyalty, caring nature and manipulative personality all grow on you over her five seasons in the kitchen at Litchfield (minus the time she was kicked out by Caputo in Seasons 1 -2). But in the kithen, or in the greenhouse, what truly sets her apart is her passion for food and cooking secrets. 

Despite all the commotion, murder, and corruption going on in the jail, food still manages to play an integral role. Red (also known as Galina Reznikov) desire to produce creative and tasteful dishes, with scrappy ingredients, is inspiring.

Whether it's her handmade creamy corn and leek quiche, golden corn on the cob from the garden, or her short-lived fantasy of chicken kiev, she always tries her best to be a worthwhile cook — even in the shabbiest of conditions. So, whether you're a fan of the show or an aspiring cook, here are a few cooking tips from Red in "Orange is the New Black." 

1. Never Insult the Chef's Food

Red's first rule: Never insult her food. With the lack of decent conditions at Litchfield, Red tries her best to give the inmates flavorful and satisfying dishes. She makes do with less-than-mediocre ingredients to create dishes that are enjoyable. If you do insult her food, boy, you are in trouble. Piper Chapman, at the beginning of Season 1, said the "food here is gross." The next day, in her muffin was a, uh, bloody surprise.

2. Dream Big

When Piper saw the mystical and mythical chicken, there was an uproar in the prison. Everyone wanted to find it. Some believed it had a gun inside it, while others thought drugs. But Red just wanted to cook it into a delectable Chicken Kiev, as cooking is, and will always be, her number one passion. No matter what crazy circumstances you might be in (in prison or not), a chef should always dream big. 

3. Try Out Other's Recipes 

A chef grows by learning and experimenting with other people's recipes. Red does so when she makes Miss Claudette's famous Coconut Cake to celebrate the Women's Advisory Council election results. Though Nicky insults the cake by asking if coconut should be biege, it still looked kinda flaky and creamy.

4. Go Big or Go Home on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should always be grand, no matter if you find yourself stuck at school or studying abroad, or at Litchfield. Red tried to give the inmates a splendid Thanksgiving by going all-out on her tight budget ($1.05 per prisoner) with turkey trimmings from the factory and gravy. She had it all planned out, until Pornstache ruined the gravy, but, hey, the turkey and pie were still a big hit. 

5. Grow Your Own Greens

In the episode "A Whole Other Hole" during Season 2, Red starts a greenhouse club with a couple of her older friends. Although, the greenhouse also had a secondary role — to sneak illegal commodities into the jail via a tunnel — they start growing a bunch of vegetables such as squash, beans, and cilantro. Growing her own vegetables allowed her to foresee the entire process and gave her a greater sense of accomplishment. 

6. Cooking Can Demonstrate Your Love for Friends and Family

Red's affection towards her family plays a significant role in "Orange is the New Black." In Season 2's "40 Oz. of Furlough," she hosts her first family dinner, showing that cooking for loved ones is one of the most satisfying ways to cook. The dinner was a way for Red to apologize to her family in the prison, who she hadn't been treating well. But with the lavish bread, bed of greens and heartfelt gesture, all was forgiven.  

7.  Use Produce When It's In Season Whenever Possible 

Vatrushka is a personal sized open pie and a Russian delicacy. Before Litchfield, Red serves this in her shop in Queens and during the summer months, she adds a twist — she bakes them with a peach purée. Using seasonal ingredients are an essential part of cooking, as certain ingredients are just better at certain times of the year. 

8. Peel Potatoes Faster By Boiling Them

Red teaches Norma the fastest way to peel a potato, but she avoids doing so because the Spanish gang in charge of the kitchen don't allow it. However, the fastest way to peel a potato according to Red is by boiling them first, so you can slide the skin off with your hands. 

9. A Three-Course Meal Doesn't Have to Break the Bank 

In Season 3's “It Might Be Corny,” a three course meal at Litchfield under the helm of Chef Galina Reznikov was a real treat. From well decorated table tops with flowers to intimates posing as waiters — they had it all. The first course was soup followed by corn and leek quiche topped with fried sage garnish and corn on the cob. Thus, this meal for the prisoners was a dream, and Red's ability to improvise made her gourmet meal cheap.

So, next time you're in the kitchen preparing a well-baked quiche or a Chicken Kiev, be sure to follow cooking tips from Red on "Orange is the New Black." She is a master in the kitchen — even with subpar resources and ingredients, she proves you can make a meal to be proud of.