Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and let's face it - everybody LOVES some love. This year, if you are looking for a Valentine of your own, or you want to get your ~lover~ something besides a boring card, flowers, or chocolates, try something a little more...CHEESE-Y. Here are 9 cheese-y valentine's day pick-up lines, just in time for that special day. 

You’re as sharp as cheddar.

Every time I see you, I crumble like feta.

We would be reeeeeally gouda together.

When you’re gone, my heart is like Swiss cheese - full of holes.

Why prov-alone when we can prov-together?

You gotta pizza my heart.

I'd love your parmesan to take you out tonight.

You're such a charcuterie cutie!

This Valentine's Day is going to be legen-dairy.

Try these out on a love interest or a significant other, and if all else fails— you can always eat more cheese. Happy Valentine's Day!